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  1. It's been extremely warm and humid up here in the northeast these past couple weeks. My emt pants and shirt make the weather more difficult to deal with. What do you guys and girls do to stay cool in this weather? Is there a certain brand that makes a set of emt pants that are more breathable that help make warm weather more bearable?
  2. lol, thanks. i brought that post back from the dead earlier today. no one specifies which Littman they prefer over the Ultrascope, or why bp's are difficult to get with a Ultrascope :?:
  3. I've read that the Ultrascope is great for breath sounds, but not good for bp's. The majority of people seem to prefer Littman, but don't specify which model, or why they prefer it. I'm in the market for one. I don't want to spend more then $100, considering how easily it can be lost or destroyed in this profession. I've found some tips through googling (feel free to add your own): -rubber ear pieces provide better sound -thicker tubing provides better sound -dual tubes might rub together distorting sound What is your stethoscope of choice, and why?
  4. why are bp's hard to get with the ultrascope? also, doesn't Littman make more then one type of stethoscope? no one is specifying what model Littman they are comparing their ultrascope to.
  5. whats up people, i'm a new emt and i'm in the market for boots. what kind of boots do you wear? what do you like/dislike about them? what do most of your calls consist of? thanks for the help
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