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  1. Hello, I am an EMS educator and former college program coordinator. I'm also a former EMS Director. I am now working very hard to improve EMS in the Caribbean and particularly the Turks and Caicos Islands. One of the challenges we've discovered in our efforts is the lack of qualified and accredited Regional EMS education available. For example, if you hire two graduates from one particular school we commonly deal with, there is absolutely no minimum standard or reasonable measure of skill set or competence. One graduate will have mediocre understanding of basic cardiopulmonary anatomy and physiology and the other will have none. One graduate will have some familiarity with a stretcher and the other will have operated one at all. So, we have raised funds and we are looking at a scholarship strategy to get eligible candidates to the U.S. for basic education. I'm hoping to initiate a conversation here about that idea...what state, and what schools may be best and if anyone has any experience with anything similar. You can reply here or I'm at tciems@hotmail.com Thanks, Pat Riel
  2. Hi Cambridge, I'm new here as well. I hear you guys have a great program...I know someone who used to be the Director there I believe. Nice to meet.
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