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  1. Jeremy M

    NREMT Test

    This post is for all of your potential EMT's PAramedic's who are discouraged because you have taken the test and didn't make it. I have been an Iowa Paramedic for 10 years, outside the state of Iowa I am an I-99. I have taken the NREMT Paramedic test 13 times total. I was to the point of that if I didn't pass before 3/31/18 I would lose my paramedic and go down to an AEMT losing half of my skills. I had tried everything you can think of I used Medic skills, EMT test prep, bought practice books for the test. Bought a book from the school that I got my BS degree in that was for the NREMT. My next to the last attempt was in Jan and failed. I studied contact Distance CME to enroll in their NREMT test prep program. I then scheduled the test for this past weekend. I tested on Sat. 17th. I didn't realize that I was testing on a holiday weekend so I was resigned to the long wait of waiting till Tuesday morning. I went I tested was cut off at around 80-85 questions just over an hour into the test. I was unsure how I felt coming out of the test but I felt pretty good going as the Distance CME class prepared me for the exam, During the exam, I felt like I had seen the questions before and I was pretty confident on the answers for the most part. I just out of curiosity checked the results yesterday morning. I was surprised to see that the results said exam scored. So the panic of the previous attempts had started to creep in again. I clicked on the results and to my surprise and relief, I passed. I wrote this to tell all of you that there is hope no matter how many attempts you have tried. I would highly recommend the Distance CME NREMT test prep program they have EMT and Paramedic level programs. I can now rest a little easier knowing that I have taken and passed the exam. Although I am not NREMT P I am a PM instead of a IA-P.
  2. Jeremy M

    Dumb question on NREMT

    I recently tested and failed the State PM test, only bc I have used up the chances for the NREMT. I had a question that stated the folowing. Pulseless, male patient, with a bp 120/80 and R 18. Which drug is most appropriate. Choices: Vasopressin, Adenosine, Epineprhine, atropine. Now I was taught in all of my classes that you cant have a bp with out a pulse. There was no rhythm strip, and other information given. I ooked at this question for over 10 mins during my test. Any ideas as to what it could have been for an answer?
  3. Jeremy M

    A humbling call

    1st of all congratulations. @nd of all u should have not thought of yourself as anything but human. I have had 12 continuos Pt. care at all levels I have never had that happen but always get a history a complete one if possible,
  4. Jeremy M

    Paediatric transport restrains

    All the services I have been on both private and hospital, Paid and volunteer have used the Pedi-mate system to secure up to age 2 and I think 40 lbs. to the cot for transport.