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  1. If I am reading the flow chart correctly you have 2 options one is retaking the whole course the other is Remediation with an ambulance service director or another person in a similar position who can attest u have the skills mastered. Candidate must complete a new, state-approved EMT Education Program OR Receive Remediation through Education Program Medical Director or Ambulance Service Medical Director and verifies the candidate's psychomotor skill proficiency. This is documented on a form provided by the EMSRB.
  2. This post is for all of your potential EMT's PAramedic's who are discouraged because you have taken the test and didn't make it. I have been an Iowa Paramedic for 10 years, outside the state of Iowa I am an I-99. I have taken the NREMT Paramedic test 13 times total. I was to the point of that if I didn't pass before 3/31/18 I would lose my paramedic and go down to an AEMT losing half of my skills. I had tried everything you can think of I used Medic skills, EMT test prep, bought practice books for the test. Bought a book from the school that I got my BS degree in that was for the NREMT. My nex
  3. I recently tested and failed the State PM test, only bc I have used up the chances for the NREMT. I had a question that stated the folowing. Pulseless, male patient, with a bp 120/80 and R 18. Which drug is most appropriate. Choices: Vasopressin, Adenosine, Epineprhine, atropine. Now I was taught in all of my classes that you cant have a bp with out a pulse. There was no rhythm strip, and other information given. I ooked at this question for over 10 mins during my test. Any ideas as to what it could have been for an answer?
  4. Nope afraid not it is the same price each time, I have taken multiple times unfortunately. I am even in nursing school LPN to start and the tests for Nursing are not as hard as the NREMT tests. I too took about 2 weeks ago and failed 3 of 5. I am just as frustrated as you are with the test I believe they are trying to make it more difficult to weed out the bad but I am very good with pt's and have been an I-99/ Iowa Paramedic for 9 years so I passed the test before now have until 2018 to pass or drop a level.
  5. No the required course that I took to transition was all in house training signed off by Medical Direfctor where I was working.
  6. Chbare, I have completed 4 College degrees including a Bachelors Degree in Fire Scinece and Disaster Managment. I am getting discouraged as I love being a medic. I am unable to get a position near me as I am not the new standard of medic. I am even considering going to RN school which I have started.
  7. not forgery as there was never a crime completed I legally obtained the signature just photo copied it. I took the bridge class that was when I got into trouble with the state. this was all on 2009 and I was reinstated in 2010 with out any problems since. I am just struggling with this test and I dont understand y
  8. Paramedic Mike, In iowa I am a Paramedic have all the same skills that a PS NREMT PM has with the exception of 6 I cant RSI I cant monitor chest tubes, I cant digitally intubate I cant do gastric Lavage and one other one. In any other state in the country I would be considered an EMT I-99. Iowa didnt want people pushing meds, with out having the Paramedic Title, SO yes I am a Paramedic and an I-99. As far as what got me kicked out I copied a signature on my clinical paperwork and they called it fraud in procuring state certification, I was suspended revoked for a year and had to go through
  9. I appreciates everyone's opinion. I am a state medic in IA and have been for 5 years. I know I have the skills or I would not have gotten this far. I have completed what was called the PS class but got in to trouble with the state and was suspended and denied the PS as when I was reinstated I was past the 1 year limit. I have 2 attempts left between now and Nov. 2014. If I dont pass between now and then I will have to decide whether or not to retake the class to be eligible to take the NREMT again or drop to Advanced losing several skills in 2018 or go to Nursing school. I have tried refresher
  10. I tested today and had 88 or 89 Questions and it says I failed WTH. I thought having less than 90 was a almost sure thing.
  11. 1st of all congratulations. @nd of all u should have not thought of yourself as anything but human. I have had 12 continuos Pt. care at all levels I have never had that happen but always get a history a complete one if possible,
  12. All the services I have been on both private and hospital, Paid and volunteer have used the Pedi-mate system to secure up to age 2 and I think 40 lbs. to the cot for transport.
  13. It is the CBT that I am having problems with. The first time I was near in 3 below in 2. 2nd time I was below in all, This last time I was Below in 2 and near in 3 again.
  14. To any and all who can help. I am a Paramedic in the state of Iowa. I have been certified for 5 years and until july working in the field actively. Due to the "transition" I have to take a NREMT Paramedic exam to get to the NREMT P cert that is supposedly national. I need help I have a total of 6 attempts and I have already used 3 tries and if I dont get it passed with in the next 3 tries I will have to retake the whole class to get qualified to attempt the exam again. I would love input on how or what anyone else who has passed the NREMT has used and where to get it. I am Literally getting de
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