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  1. Hello to my brothers and sisters in EMS! I am currently a medic with FDNY but I am relocating to Charlotte this fall. I am a 10 year medic and very excited to begin a new life in Charlotte. I have been notified that I passed the assessment/interview center at Medic911 in Charlotte and I am just waiting to hear from them about when the next class begins. Any advice from anyone in Charlotte would be welcome
  2. I took both the EMT-B and the EMT-P versions, although the EMT-B was 11 years ago. For me the biggest difference in taking the NREMT is the way they word their questions. Barons publishes a test prep book that contains five practice tests. Very extensive, one test is in the book, four more are on a CD-Rom. It helps you see the way they ask questions and the answers are comprehensive and explain how they arrived at their conclusion. I believe it is very helpful. I purchased mine on Amazon for 15.00. good Luck!
  3. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. I am currently employed by the FDNY as a medic. ( Love my job, but want to leave NY)My family is relocating to Charlotte. My wife was offered a position in her company that is providing us with an opportunity to leave NY. I attended Medic911's assessment center and was accepted onto their waiting list for the next class. I want to know how much advance notice they will give me before the start of the next academy class. I have two children in school and they have to be transferred. I also need to give notice to the FDNY. I have looked at homes and have an idea of where we will live. I have requested this information from Medic911 and not received a reply. The human resources manager told me she has no idea when the next class is, but I just want to know how much notice they will give. My home is sold and I have to get out of it by October 1st. I would appreciate any information from the community. Thanks
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