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  1. I'm 18 and I'm graduating in 2014. I was thinking I could be just a grunt in the National Guard. Before I did not know that the Army's medic program provided national testing. And no, there is a new St. Vincent's hospital in my area. I don't mind paying for my own EMT school and I just want to keep it simple with the NG. Looking at the links you gave me I think FSCJ or Broward College would be a good choice for me. (Unless I move out of state before 1 year.)
  2. I looked into it more and emailed the admissions lady. Turns out it is a course for the diver student to go to to be qualified for diver medic training. It is short and has 12 hour days because it is accelerated so the divers can get to the diver medic class quickly, any one can attend even if they are not divers. I'm thinking that diver medic is pretty serious so I think they would need an in depth EMT-B course. The place also has dorms which is a bonus for me. My plan is to get my emt cert, work with that for a year and then go big and get an paramedic associates degree. Because most paramedic programs require an EMT-B cert and a years worth of experience, right? What I plan on doing is working at my local volunteer FD (you don't need to be a firefighter, they have openings for EMT's only) and also get a job at a new hospital that was just built in my area. I heard you can get a job in an ER as an EMT.
  3. Hi, I aspire to be an EMT and eventually a paramedic. I will also probably join the National Guard or if my EMS career doesn't pan out I will join the Air Force or Army.
  4. Hi, I'm a high school student who wants to be an EMT and eventually a Paramedic. I just need some advice on which EMT school/program to attend. I currently have my sights set on these people, https://www.commercialdivingacademy.com/emergency-medical.da . Is this a "medic mill" or do you think its legit? I know you can only get so much from a web page but do any of you know anyone who's been there or have any of you even heard of it? I want a good program so I can be competent. Also, do any of you have any specific recommendations for a certain school in Florida. Thanks!
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