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  1. ems.rockstar2013


    So I started a medic program this last August, and well things have been going great, I understand pharm, although memorizing doses is kind of a bear, but I will get it. Cardiology is pretty smooth for me, I picked up on it faster then most of my fellow classmates. So here is the problem, our main group of students is split into two lab groups, and the group I am in, we are ahead of the other group, so we started working on ACLS algo's and I can pretty much recite them, but when we ran our first mega code I froze up completely... So here is were you guys come in, any suggestions as to how to not freeze up? That would be great!
  2. ems.rockstar2013

    Hello from Minnesota!

    I found that the damn mannequin arm is kind of a pain in the ass to get flash... lol However, I was able to start a patent line on a classmate, and thus far am the only successful one. The thing I find most confusing about IV's and IO's are the different types of admin sets.. 10 drip vs 60 drip, I guess I don't understand what it means I just know that one is recommended for trauma, and the other is for like when a pt has meds on board or the doc has something other than saline going. Geriatric pt, peds, and bariatric pt's are probably the hardest to start IV's on. Geriatric because there bodies have gone through a lot of degridation, and their veins are easier to blow. Peds because-- well the obvious, peds calls suck, and finding a good vein to hit can be difficult, this is where IO's are nice. If you know your IO landmarks you could possibly start an IO in less time than trying to fumble with finding a good vein on a peds pt. Now we get to the bariatric pt's. These are the pt's that you go to the most common places to find a good vein, and feel for them. Also trying to get a good tight constricting band on them that in of itself is difficult. The most dangerous drug to infiltrate would be D50. D50 because it is damaging to the the tissues, anywhere but in the vein. I was told if you infiltrate D50 that about all you can do is make sure to inform the receiving doc what happened and document well. If you feel like quizzing me more, go for it. It helps to be kept on my toes, and I really at this point don't have a "study-buddy". In skills we are going over some basics now, like KED, and longboarding, and Bleeding. All EMT-B stuff, but still important to keep as second nature. In class we are going over ambulance operations and system status management. Ok, it's only week two of class, but time for some bragging. I received this e-mail today. Dear Brandi Maxwell, Congratulations! You have been identified as displaying positive academic performance in Paramedicine Skills I. Below are your instructor's comments: You are doing good work and making contributions to the class. Your SCTCC instructors, staff, and student success team appreciate your dedication and hard work in the classroom. Keep it up! Sincerely, Student Success Team It's nice to receive e-mails like this, even if it is the second week of school. I must be doing something right!
  3. ems.rockstar2013

    Hello from Minnesota!

    I started last week, and yeah its a two year, but two years of 3 days a week of class, and summer is nothin but clinicals and ride-alongs. Day 4 and we tested out on I.V.'s and Med admin. Later this week is I.O's. Should be fun. Wonder if any classmates will volunteer for this! Haha Doubt it!
  4. ems.rockstar2013

    Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa

    Holy cow your a busy guy! It's no wonder why you haven't been real active, if I had your job posistion I don't think I would have time for this site either! Keep on keepin on!
  5. ems.rockstar2013

    Greetings from NYC, soon to be Charlotte

    Welcome, and good luck!
  6. ems.rockstar2013

    Hello from Jersey!

    Welcome! Love the sence of humor!
  7. ems.rockstar2013

    Hi from Florida

    If all else doesn't work, and you choose the military route, I strongly recommend USAF! But hey that is my opinion, as Dwayne said, jump in!
  8. ems.rockstar2013

    Hello from Minnesota!

    Ok, so I started a medic program before a couple years ago, but had some problems with they way the program was run. I like the setting of the program in St. Cloud. I can't wait till things speed up. You guys are too funny! totally made my night! Hope all is well out in the field with you guys, lookin forward to working alongside some fello paramedics and emt's in the near future!
  9. ems.rockstar2013

    Hello from Minnesota!

    Thanks for the advice guys! I will have to check out them hosemonkeys! Hahaha! DwayneEMTP Mora to st. cloud, now that is one hell of a long trip! Hahaha glad it was worth it if you caught a couple corn fed mn girls! Oh and how many medics or medic students started I.V's on their first day of skills? Cause that was pretty awesome! I had some experience in the field so I got to demonstrate to the class on a fellow student, and I didn't blow it! that made the whole deal a lot less nerve racking once I knew the I.V. was sound! Fun times!
  10. ems.rockstar2013

    Hello from north east Scotland

    Welcome welcome! I am new to this site as well, but I think it is very neat! I do not have any helpful advice however, sorry.
  11. ems.rockstar2013

    Hello from Minnesota!

    Well school starts on monday! I am super excited! I will have to check with financial aid for sure tomorrow. I am not sure what is more exciting, spending a day in airconditioning or finally getting started on the education for my future career! Haha these smiley's are kinda neat! Thanks guys for the welcome, and the advice!
  12. ems.rockstar2013


    I know exactly how you feel. The college I attended put me through the same run around too. I quit, but now I am back in a paramedic program, at a different college, and this one seems promising, my fingers are crossed, and I hope that you can get back up, and stick it to them. Show them what you are capable of, and it shouldn't matter if you are not real sociable with your preceptors, and if they were not willing to help you study, or quiz you, that is their choice, so you did the right thing by taking your studies into your own hands. You should go back, refreshed and determined to make it through. Good luck!
  13. ems.rockstar2013

    Hello from Minnesota!

    Hi guys! My name is Brandi, and I have just been accepted into a paramedic program through St. Cloud Technical and Community College! I am super excited about that! I have been an EMT-B for two years (still a young pup in the EMS field, I know). I am not sure what else anyone would like to know about me, but feel free to comment! Oh hey, anyone know of any Grants or Scholarships for MN for the paramedic student? That would be super helpful, I have applied for finacial aid, but would still like to avoid a loan if I can help it. So any other funding assistance would be great. So if you know of any helpful resources I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks guys!