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  1. p3medic, I am aware of my options here in Boston. I work for a company already that has a medic position available to me, its a private but it holds 6 strong 911 municipalities, and offers good experience. I'm interested with Hartford because I may be relocating there for other reasons, and want to know whats available to me for work. I appreciate the heads up anyway.
  2. Shane, Thank you, I appreciate the reply. I've been an EMT for only two years now, first in Maine (nationally registered), now in the metro Boston area for a private that has pretty good 911 experience for their basics. If I do go to the Hartford area I would be going as a new medic, fresh out of school. I intend on taking the national registry next month, and mass. state test at the beginning of August. I'm still not sure about the move, just weighing my options. If I do move to CT it would probably be in the fall. As a new medic though, as with any new medic, my goal is to
  3. Greetings, I am an EMT-B in the final throes of my paramedic course, and I’m checking out my options. Hartfort, CT has come up in conversation between myself and my roommate who is moving out there, and I’ve been thinking about tagging along, however I know nothing about the system out there. What I’m after is some inside information: Pay scale Private vs. Municipal opportunities Reciprocity National Registry? Call volume/experience Any pro’s and con’s to working in that area. Also I work and reside currently in the metro Boston area. I’m going from EMT-B to paramedic without
  4. sweet, flying fire fighters... Not going to get my large backside strapped into one of those however, it does look like loads of fun.
  5. Sleep when you can, and if you don't allready, learn to love the coffee. I donno if your body ever gets used to switching its time perception like that, but all in all its not that bad if your young and dumb like I am. Some people prefer the overnights. I don't know how busy your area is, or how your system is set up but you will probably find yourself able to get some down time at some point, and not find yourself running constantly for 8 hours every single night. Besides most people in EMS can fall asleep anywhere, and on anything it seems, If you haven't picked this up yet, you proba
  6. Thanks guys, I agree arm test = bad idea. Im glad for him that he failed. In retrospect I suppose the call went well. Off to go "save" some more!
  7. The company I work for hired me w/o me taking the EVOC, and I'm cleared to drive. We do however have a mandatory EVOC coming up this summer. Most companies I know of in the North East U.S. at least like you to have/get it, but its not always mandatory.
  8. I had a call the other day. 52 y/o male, at a bus stop c/c “liver pain”. Pt stated he has a hx. of Hepatitis B & C and admits to ETOH. Pain is “13/10” started apx. 12 hrs ago, after he had started drinking. It looked like business as usual, another drunk, another faithful transport. Then, Once I got him in the back and situated he started complaining that he couldn’t breath too well, and consequently started breathing heavily. I put him on a NRB, take his vitals so that I could give a quick entry note to the hospital, and the next time I look up he’s unconscious, and barely
  9. I agree with what most of us have been saying. BLS workers should never challenge a Medic in front of a patient. Like its been said before, challenges are much better taken in the form of questions asked off to the side afterwards. Medics are more experienced, better educated, and licensed above BLS folk, and are therefore owed the respect they deserve, especially when with a patient. Medics should not make BLS look like idiots in front of a pt. either. Corrections, and suggestions are all good in my opinion if they are in the interest in the pt. care, but bringing calm to a tense si
  10. My apologies dust, I'm new to this forum.
  11. What other drugs are people pushing IN via a MAD?
  12. It hasn't happened yet, but sometime in the next couple of weeks, the service I work for is going to be adding nasal narcan to its BLS trucks (it has been in testing at the ALS level, and reports have apparently been good). I wanted to see what people (both BLS and ALS) think about this, and to see if it is something that has gained acceptance in area's other than my own. I had never heard of it before our education department briefed us on the use of it. Let me know if you have any questions on the protocol.
  13. What is an EMT-Enhanced scope of practice? I've never heard of this, but I'm curious.
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