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  1. Manual blood pressure taking is a skill alot of people have trouble with, not working as an emt currently so would like to get a set and stay in practice. Dont want to spend too much but dont want junk. What brands or sets people having luck with.
  2. A gas engine will run smooth. A good diesel can even be fast and smooth when turbo'd.
  3. Spent today bumming around in a diesel and going from dead stop to 55 just takes way too long.
  4. Here in the northeast how long an engine lasts doesnt matter since either one will outlast the frame.
  5. The old ford 7.3 diesels are getting ancient, ive driven some turbocharged diesel pickups and love them but the ford diesel engine shows its age.
  6. I carry a gun on a regular basis and when not carrying (usuaully work or working out, one i cant carry one its too much of a pain) i have one in the car. The way i see it theres a lot of violent crime out there and i like the ability to protect myself and others. I do think most people with guns don't practice regularly enough though, and should practice more often if they take on the responsibility of carry. I go at least once a month.
  7. We have box trucks and vanbulances. Pretty much all box trucks are diesel vans 50/50. Everyone has a preference. I hate diesels here in the northeast where the winters are cold and you need to plug them in, and there unresponsive and slow. We just got a gas box truck and it moves! I much prefer gas engines smoothness and eesponsiveness; you?
  8. turns out er tech work qualifies for the prerequisite patient contacts to enter paramedicine program. nice.
  9. i want to practice emergency medicine, and want to increase my licence level. Stuck in the need experience for a job need a job for experience loop right now. Working in an ER or on a Ambulance service are both fine
  10. have an interview coming up, was wodering what advancement opportunities and career paths may look like
  11. Im a licenced emt in maine looking for ems jobs, work in a pizza place now, joined for good information on the ems world
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