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  1. you may have missed my point(sarcasm) about the 5k. In EMS speed is good, but strength and endurance is better. Give me a St Bernard, not a whippet or greyhound. We need to not only get there but also get them out. I'm glad we have folks like you to respond in those areas. It is not a one size fits all type response
  2. I can't believe this has gone on for 5 pages. Who's minding the asylum?(Note-sarcasm) Let the abuse begin (still a rookie? wow, 34 years )
  3. Golly, my first 18 years as a medic we took state written boards every three years. A few years before we stopped that we also had to take the practical for recert. Thank God we stopped that tom-foolery. QA/QI programs should be used by employers to hone skills.
  4. We offer it if we have the sufficient resources, mainly evaluators, and can get it done in a timely fashion. Not bad if available. Good Luck.
  5. That's dedication. 950 mile round trip. What, no same day retest available. For that kind of drive, would have been nice.
  6. ASHI is a reputable source for BCLS and ACLS. I've reviewed and have had contact with them. AHA provides the science that is used. Some states mandate acutal group's merit badges. other require compliance to standards or "ACLS". AHA does not own the proprietary rights to "ACLS". Give ASHI a good look. Your service medical director or state EMS office may trump everything other than AHA. But again, I may be wrong
  7. NR Tests have been around over 30 years for the EMT. took mine in 1975. I "think" they started EMT-P in 1979, I might be off by a year or 2. Go to www.nremt.org lots of info there.
  8. As far as the snake bite and obscure questions- 1. For me, being an EMT has taken me to many parts of the globe; jungle, desert, forests, Alaska in February, North South, East and West. MY first official EMT course for NREMT cert was in Mississippi, "30 something years ago". The nurse teaching didn't think we needed frost bite. I've frozen my rear off on the flightline in Biloxi unloading aircaft. You never know what or when you need this. Granted some may seem "stupid" but you may see it again. 2. Remember, this is set up for world wide testing. With DOD using NREMT, it's global 3. The ?'
  9. Congrats to all. Some advice, forget, the numbers. Don't sweat the number of the questions. It varies from person to person. Pass fail is not tied to a number. Concentrate on the content. I hear stories everyday, some are outright funny. once we get a couple of years under ur belt, the comfort level will increase.
  10. Well stated. If as much energy was put into practice and studying... Everybody wants the easy way
  11. Sheep lie. Are the testicles in pain his? Just wondering. Any sign of a bite, such as being in outhouse and something wanted huevos rancheros? AKA spider bite, any contact with a foreign substance to his area of complaint. Recent vasectomy? You know it sounds funny until it's your pain
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