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  1. clearly you do not work in emergency medicine. a c-collar is used with suspected spinal injury. if a spinal injury is suspected, why would anyopne not use proper spinal immobilization???? put down the vague doctors journals and get some real life experience.
  2. most doctors are smart.......... most. i know plenty of nurses who can do a doctors job better than they can. also. there is only one kind of human. but there are hundreds of species of dogs, horses, cats, etc..... to be able to provide precise medicale care for such an array takes tremendous knowledge and skill. but it is tough to beat a well trained MD.
  3. i have tremendous respect for anyone who can work through a disability. but you have to consider what is best for the patient. a fire department or ambulkance company could easily be sued for having a deaf emt or medic, i have no doubts tat they are just as knowledgable as any other but there are tasks they somply cannot perform adequatly. i.e. communicate with the patient, breath sounds, operate the siren, use the radio, communicate with the patient, proper blood pressure, and communicate with the patient. overall, bad idea.
  4. a c-collar is useless without a spine board or a KED, whoever uses a collar and doesnt immobilize the spine should go back to basic school. i cant believe that there is even a difference of opinion on this matter. a collar without a board is like an IV needle without the line.
  5. A first responder is wonderfull if you stubb your toe at the beach, or want to order someone to clean the ambulance. as far as patient care, I know how limited my knowledge was at the EMT-B level. if an ambulance needs to be called, most of the time the person needs emergency medical attention, it is not fair to stick a patient with a first responder, it could KILL them. the only time i should ever see a first rersponder in an ambulance is if they are the patient.
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