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  1. does anyone know what a high qrs voltage means?????
  2. lol...next time ill ask how to spell something and maybe il get an answer for the marital question... :?
  3. Thanks for the reply MedicNorth any additional info you guys can give me will be greatly appreciated
  4. Wondering if you could help.... I am a mexican emt certify by the mexican red cross and have a current PHTL certification by NAEMT im thinking of immigrating to CANADA, fluent in spanish/english and starting a french class next month . I guess the question is : is it easy to get a permit ti live and work in Canada and can i focus on working on the ems field over or is it a very competitive field? thanks for your help adios amigos..!!!
  5. Damn...guess I should have warn my glasses today.... :oops:
  6. how about this one.... " wax on...wax off..." lol
  7. "Hell I like you, you can come over to my house and f**k my sister." "You had best unf**k yourself or I will unscrew your head and s*it down your neck!"
  8. Hey all..! long time no see wow the site has really changed since my last post a year ago..i think well anyway regarding ride along here in drugloard heaven(Tijuana Mexico) we have to do 100 hr ED and 200 ambulance or 100 calls now we can only start doing them after we complete the course now it used to be you ride along watch, learn and sometimes assist taking vitals and stuff but now you the "student" are give your sword and your shield and told " go kick some @ss" which i totally disagree cus every new emt , or maybe its just me get freaked on there first calls you do have a instructor with you but he is only there to take charge if you screw things up or if you get stuck but in the mean time you have to make a fool of your self in front of the pt, relative,cops, other emts and unwanted guest In my opinion rookies should have a few ride along to see how the "experience" emts handle the situation. Well that's my Little grain of salt to the conversation, its good to be back here i see alot of new people, ......and what ever happened to that guy that posted his naked pic with a cowboy hat on his what ever the heck that was....?
  9. What...?...people get paid for this...! :shock:
  10. All i can say is " GO GRISSOM "...!!!
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