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  1. Mike: Thank you for the advice. As CHBARE stated, I really don't have a year or two to obtain a A&P course, or a Pharmacology college level course. Unless I can find one to take online over the summer, I don't think i will be able to swing it, although I will try to find one. Rock_Shoes: Thank you. Your 100% right, and I see it in some medics and I don't in others. the compassion you need you should have from the beginning, the education is the school and your job, but the adaptability is something that may not be there in the beginning, but may be learned over time. Thank you all
  2. The idea of Load-and-Go is not so dead. I work in a small city where we are never more then 10 minutes out of the hospital. When stationing the nearby mountain, we sometimes run 20-30 minutes out of the city to meet up with a bls truck inbound to the city. We see both the lengthy stays and the 2-3 blocks from the ER situations. We adjust our ways based on this. I don't think I've ever really ran into issues, and we RARELY remain on scene for longer then necessary, and by necessary I mean however long it takes to get them on the litter...
  3. In 5 short months I will be sitting in my first Paramedic class at our local Community College. One of the best programs in the area honestly, and they are developing a hell of a reputation for themselves locally. I have been an EMT for a year or so now, enabling me to have run enough CIty-ALS time to work with a medic quite a bit, run some decent calls, and learn a few things. Yet I have not been on the truck long enough to obtain bad habits. I'm one for preparation. So my question for you so far, is what can I do to prepare? My EMT-B book explains the processess of ALS Assist with tubes
  4. Artickat hit the nail on the head. Paramedic's as a profession is rare, I also know at least in my area, there is 4 ALS provider services within around 200 sq miles. The other night I responded out of the city for a ALS MVA and it was a 45 minute ride out there. Paramedic's need to be kept. If we start to eliminate Medic's, well... I feel like we would run out! haha.
  5. Mike summed it all up. I did allot of studying. I did my workbook that was provided I even wrote out the vocabulary, because I had no prior medical terminology experience I was a Volly Fireman going through EMT school, and I don't think it really made a difference. Maybe if I was a member of an Ambulance Association.
  6. Hey guys! Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm a EMT from North Eastern, PA. I've been an EMT for about a year now, Paid city ALS units primarily. Anyways, I'm going through the process to begin Medic school in the fall, and I have allot of questions! Not only do I have questions, but I'd love to share my experience's with anyone who is thinking about the path I have chosen. Paid EMT- Volunteer Fireman on primarily a Truck company. and I Volunteer EMS in a more country area nearby. I've been a fireman for 6 years now. I plan on making a career out of emergency services in some way shape or for
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