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  1. I would be a strong advocate for Mag if we could carry it here. Unfortuneately we only have Valium for seizures, regardless of the circumstances. I wouldn't mind researching this more myself so that I could try to put something together to present our State office to maybe convince them to look at a Mag protocol for us.
  2. Yep, treat the child but leave mom there alone with everyone else to take her out. If that doesn't work, TNT the courthouse. :twisted:
  3. You CAN bill and not lose your not for profit status. Just set your rates as high as Medicare standards will allow. Then, bill the patients' insurance. Once the insurance has paid what it will, write off the rest and don't agressively bill. That way you can still bill and not lose Non Profit Status.
  4. A few weeks ago we had a rather heavy patient in tight quarters. I asked for an additional alert for lifting power. A neighboring department was traveling through and heard my call for help. When they offered, I simply replied, "An extra pair of hands might not help." DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. ...when you go to the home of an elderly man that was trimming a tree: had a limb fall and hit him on the head, but wants you there in case the kerosene he poured on the three inch long gash to clean it catches on fire when he tries to light a cigarette (swear to God this really happened)
  6. We went to a statewide protocol a few years back. One of the changes included in this placed medical command in certain areas and the radio systems throughout the state upgraded to accomidate it. One center covers most of the northern part of the state and one other center the southern part. I like the idea of having docs that are up on our protocols to help assure an equal standard of care, but I also think that the receiving doc should be in on the desision process since they are the ones seeing the patients. I do have to admit that things have gotten better in the past few years with th
  7. Scenario: Medical command we're en-route to XYZ ER with a cardiac patient requesting the following orders. Orders denied just transport. ER physician wants your a#$ because no treatment killed the guy and wants to know why he wasn't involved in the decision process. Our medical command facility is 2 hours away. We radio or phone them with report, they relay it on and we still call in to the receiving facility. Back when I first started medical command was the receiving facility, because that doc was going to see the patient. Don't get me wrong, I like the MCP concept, but don't you
  8. Between my job and my vol. station, we run about 2000 a year. In that, I might get the opportunity to administer 6 or 7 PVC challenges (ET to the younger crowd). Do I break out the airway manikin once in a while and practice? SURE! You have to with all your skills. Perhaps the best medic in our county is retired from Fairfax County. He has taught me some techniques for tubing that would make your head spin. When is the last time you had to digitally tube a patient with their head sticking through the windshield? That's the kind of stuff we do during drills just to make practicing a li
  9. Mine would have to be, laying in bed one night and get a call for a house fire. Jump out of bed get dressed and head for station. I'm the first one there, but for a reason.... I was dreaming.
  10. HMMMMM........Days off. Well, when i'm not at work, i'm working the farm. It seems like with the economy and gas prices the way they are lately, the more productive I can be on the farm, the better off I will be. In fact, tomorrow is my day off and I plan to butcher two steers and some hogs all day long. Nothing like good ol' hillbilly blood baths.
  11. I swear to God this is an actual radio transmission!!!! Helicopter 5 to *******Dispatch, "What coordinates for the LZ do you have? ********Dispatch-"Helicopter 5, proceed up Rt 28 to the stop light, make a left and go to the top of the mountain. Make another left at the top of the mountain, and proceed out that road approx 5 miles" Helicopter5-"Dispatch, we don't exactly have stoplights and turn signals up here you know" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Medic 23, proceed out *****Road to the second tree with a hubcap on it, make
  12. Here you go: Rt 28 command-"We have a pole involved here with no tag on it to ID it by" Dispatch-"Standby and we'll try to find out something" Dispatch"- We contacted phone and electric company, both state they have no poles in that general area. Also, cable company advises the same. gas company advised they do not have any poles" ____________________________________________________________ Command- "On scene with one vehicle on it's top blocking the roadway, all occupants out of the vehicle" Dispatch-"10-4. PD is en-route with a 15 minute ETA Command-"Ascertain from PD if w
  13. If it is meant to be a strong lasting relationship/marriage, then having one or both of you in the profession shouldn't be a problem. My wife and I are both volunteer ff/medics and to top it all off, the squad where I work...SHE'S MY BOSS. We do 24 on 48 off. Every third day we have off together, but we seem to make the most of it. Sometimes it gets kind of shaky having to answer to her at work, but she did say i could be the boss at home now(LOL). Anyway, like I said, if it is meant to be a strong lasting bond, then the profession shouldn't be an issue. Just my two cents....you can
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