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  1. Ill need a bare minimum of general biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics to be more than an EMS taxi driver.

    IM OFFENDED! Im in IUPUI for Medic and yes, we do get the stupid runs to the ER for what ever, but I AM MORE than a TAXI Driver. I am educated. This reminds me of the nurse the other night that was pissed when I asked her for patient information, face sheet, history, meds, etc.. and demanded to know why I needed all that information. I in return said "YOU ARE A NURSE CORRECT? YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR PATIENT CORRECT? YOU HAVE A STATE CERTIFICATION CORRECT? AS WELL DO I, AND I AM TAKING OVER PATIENT CARE, SO I NEED TO KNOW ALL OF THIS INFORMATION IN CASE THIS GUY CRASHES ON ME!!"

    So for everyone that has done this job or will do this job, DON'T EVER minimize what we do, no matter how small it is or how lame the run is! ANYTHING could happen and will when you least expect it!

    Just my two cents!

    And I also agree with dust and brent, these guys are pretty damn smart, listen to them and learn! Dust is who led me to IUPUI's program for medic and he was right!

    Good luck, maybe I will see you around, I am also in Indy.

    PS, please don't be offended by why I say, it just upsets me when what we do is minimized to a taxi driver. Its a running joke that I wish didn't exist, it also gives people less confidence in what we do and thats the last thing they need when they call for our help!

  2. Poor Brent, you get bashed so much!...

    I have seen both sides and at any given moment I can have empathy or be pissed off for the very same reason... why did they send me here, why aren't they where they are supposed to be...

    GEESH, we all need to remember, as it was said before, there is a HUMAN on EITHER side of the radio, can't we all get along.

    Maybe people on the street could use a day or 5 in a dispatch center and learn a bit of what we do put up with... since they already know how to dispatch from the street, why not actually learn how to do it. Its not all a piece of cake.

    Dispatch has the job of sending YOU where you need to be, they are you're CONTROL. So what if you just passed the stupid street or exit, go to the next one, you get paid by the flippin HOUR!

    We all just need to stop bashing people unless its all in good fun!


  3. How does an EMT save a paramedic? I consider myself quite a bit more educated, than my EMT-B counterparts and I still don't I have anything to offer a paramedic. About the only good I am for him is freeing him from taking vital signs, and spiking his IV bag.

    OKAY, I have to disagree, I was thumbing thru this post. Im Sorry.... I have saved my medic's butt so many times because he didn't catch something during report. I even take report for my medic. We work as a team and at ALL times he treats me as an equal. He teaches me what I don't know and I teach him things he doesn't know.

    Back on Topic, Some people volly because they do it for the greater good of their rural area. Out of the goodness of their heart. Why can't that be a good thing? I read all this and feel that just because someone volunteers to do something good for their community doesn't mean it is bad. But I do agree that small communities should push for paid. Govt gets what Govt wants... Better service is what we are striving for, not cutting down every service except the one you work for. Everyone has flaws, every sevice has flaws.

    For the greater good of the EMS community, we all should be paid and paid well, but reality smacks you in the face... It won't happen any time soon.

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