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  1. I hear what you all are saying but isn't the first thing you want to do is "cool" the burned area? Would it not be in your best interest to wipe it gently off and then continue cooling with water?
  2. OK- let me get this striaght.... people involved in "minor" MVC with complaint of back/neck pain but stable.....you are going to still take a chance and not protect C-Spine all the way through either via manual or shortboard/KED??? I know it takes longer but I'm not sure I understand why you would not play it safe....
  3. I've done some searches on this and have read some interesting responses to the KED debate..... Lots of folks have responded that they don't even use it. here is my question then: If you are not doing a rapid extrication of a seated pt complaining of neck pain- What method are you using to remove them from the vehicle and onto the long board???
  4. This almost came up the other night- What if you come upon and MVA- neck pain..... etc etc (standard BLS call) You board, collar- C-Spine pt... get them into rig. While en route- your pt. complains of diff breathing and needs to sit up..... your pt. is strapped to the board and states they really need to sit up to breathe..... Since "B" is very important (obviously)- What do you do??
  5. Not sure exactly how it works... I thought all EMS was under the FDNY
  6. Anyone know if NY City allows EMS ride alongs?
  7. Just wondering if this is normal. I became an EMT 4 years ago- Riding on a local squad that avg 7-800 calls a year so not too much action. When I first rode- I thought I knew everything and never hesitated to jump into a situation. I took a year off and just came back in a different town but feel like I am brand new again and not as confident. Just not as confident in my skills and decisions - so not sure if this is common with volunteer EMS or not.
  8. Got dispatched to call for 39 yr old male with "headache" Upon arrival as assessment- no other complaints or findings. Pt. stated pain scale 8 out of 10... My partner suggestion full neuro exem... Outside of checking things like facial droop and also weakness to one side or the other- what else can I look for to rule out CVA? What type's of other tests can I do?
  9. I am an EMTB in NJ- I would love to learn more and get some good real workd experience by doing a ride along with some BLS providers with higher call volumes that maybe run in some of the cities. Do many of them accept ride alongs? Not sure where to start.
  10. Working in a new system- just wondering how different people run their calls.... This is my method: -BSI/Scene safe- I always start surveying as we pull up on scene -If I have one let's say medical pt- I walk in- (get my general impression)- assess LOC- and begin by introducing myself and I will start speaking to pt while I may take a radial pulse... then move into my assessment..vitals etc.... -reason I ask is that this new system I am in - we had a call the other day for diff breathing, my partner and I get on scene (pt was alert and conscious)... and my partner bent down to speak to p
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