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  1. It was in the episode when he was having flashbacks about his wife dying; it aired in 1979.
  2. UMDNJ-EMS has the only hospital-based Rescue in the nation. We do all sorts of rescue, as long as it doesn't involved SCBA. We are employed by the State of NJ: The state runs the University, the University runs the Hospital, the Hospital runs EMS.
  3. If you were professional, you would know how to spell P-R-O-T-C-O-L-S.
  4. I started a thread on this last year when I took ACLS, but I can't seem to find it.
  5. I always bring in my Airway bag, which has O2, ETT kit, airway supplies, B/P cuff, C-collar (to protect that tube), and bandage stuff. I always bring in a carrying device, whether a stairchair, or a Reeves for the unconscious or arrest. Breathing problems, O2. Anything else, monitor and med bag go in. I prefer to bring my patient out to the truck first, since I do work in a dangerous area, unless it is an immediate life threat. If I start care inside my truck, it's only who I want allowed inside the box, no one else.
  6. Here is a sample one of what I do. This is NOT a real patient. 911 dispatch to above location for an unknown medical emergency. Responded from (insert station here). Arrived on scene, found pt sitting on couch CAO x 4, in extreme pain. Chief Complaint: "I have a cucumber in my ass!!" HPI: Pt states he and his wife were experiencing foreplay when object was inserted in his rectum. PE: 35 y/o male CAO x 4. Skin: Warm/dry/pink. HEENT: atraumatic. PEARL, no facial droop, no JVD, trachea M/L. Chest: symmetrical w/ = expansion, no chest pain. Lungs: CTA (clear through auscultation) x 4, no SOB
  7. Honestly, I haven't met too many JeffSTAT EMS graduates that I've been impressed with, so stick with MontCo.
  8. I may not that be old of an old-timer like Rid, and Dust, but I think my 12 years speaks for me, most of them in very high call-volume systems. I will only reply to the original poster's topic, and nothing more. So far. Every time I have a new EMT partner, I give them the getting-to-know you speech. I sit them down in the back of the box, and tell them exactly what I expect of them. I give them my simple rules to follow: 1. Deer have antlers. Sweeties are made of sugar. Honeys have bees buzzing around them. Everyone is a "sir" or "ma'am." 2. If you don't know how to do something I
  9. Depends on the trajectory of the bullet. If the airway is intact, place a trauma dressing and use a C-Collar to hold direct pressure. Keep the patient sitting up to keep the airway clear, and stick a suction catheter in his mouth in case he needs it. If the airway is not intact, what would our options be for a surgical airway? Once again, depends on the trajectory. As chbare said about hematomatoes, I think a surgical airway would be the best. You can still use a collar to control bleeding once the airway is secure; that's why they have the cut out in the front.
  10. That's why I'm glad I also work in Pennsylvania. I, as a Paramedic, can close a highway, and the State Troopers can do NOTHING about it.
  11. I'll be the QA officer and grammar Nazi. I would go with ePCR. This way, individual stats can be collected while a copy can still be left at the ER.
  12. And that is why all ambulances should have the Kussmaul systems installed as a standard. For those who don't know what it is, you flip a switch, which lets you keep the truck running without the keys in the ignition. If anyone steps on the brake without the keys in, the engine shuts off.
  13. Sure Doc, schedule it the weekend of the Celtic Classic in Bethlehem, PA, where I get to celebrate drublic punkenness in my kilt.
  14. Yes, this post was easier on my eyes. I was ball-busting about the Ironbound, nothing meant to be harmful. Come here for feedback, and don't be afraid to question us evil medics.....just do it after the job. And don't call my bus a rig. :twisted:
  15. Armrests and cupholders are required!!!!
  16. First off, use proper grammar. I know Newark public schools stink, and English is not the first language in the Ironbound section, but they do teach that. Also, try using sentences. My eyes are bleeding from trying to read that. If I were on MIC-5 that shift (I know what ib31 stands for ), Remove from plane, evaluate somewhere where I can do my 12-lead with privacy. What medications are the patient on? What was their build? If their pressure is normally 80/systolic, they are probably an athlete with a small build. Depending on the elevation of the flight, a small pneumothorax is possi
  17. Spend the time, spend the money, go to Northeastern University. Their medic students come down to Newark, Jersey City (minor league AAA ball) and NYC (minor league AA ball) to do their ride time. NOTE: Just busting balls to the JCMC and NYC guys. But we're still better. :twisted:
  18. Great class. I highly recommend it.
  19. I still have those pictures......
  20. Yes, it was a great time, right Flyboy???
  21. You might be a Lancaster County Paramedic if you've managed to use the word heifer on an EMS forum, and not refer to the patient.
  22. If she fell, and is complaining of neck pain, she is getting a board and collar.
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