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  1. You would be wrong. My family came from Italy in 1902, which was AFTER slavery was banished. And I am also half-Irish, so where do I start there about how the Irish were treated in the USA? Did you see Gangs of New York? While not totally factually accurate, the treatment of the Irish in that movie was accurate. Please ask before you attack my family. In most cultures, this would mean war, and I would have to paint myself and put on my kilt. And in referring to liberals, I was referring to Oregon. The Left Coast is majority liberal, and most of them are the ones who believe we should cha
  2. Welcome to America, speak f--king English! My ancestors learned the language and assimilated, no reason they can't!!! F--king liberals.
  3. Maybe he needs a copy of the IV Tricks publication from EMS Solutions, of which I believe there is a link somewhere on this website... You're welcome Jim.
  4. What was his initial blood pressure at the Jail? One thing that could explain his slow heart rate and lack of respirations would be a head bleed, due to cocaine. You said he had a fresh track mark; my guess would lie in that he did a speedball (Cocaine and heroin). I say that because I had one c/o massive headache Tuesday night after doing a speedball or two, and ended up with a subarachnoid hemorrhage. Considering the facility that you picked the person up from, I'm not surprised. I hate doing jobs there.
  5. At my full-time job, we have EMS Rescue, so I rarely go in the car; if I do, I have a helmet and goggles, and am under a blanket. In PA, I have a rescue jumpsuit, helmet, goggles, gloves, and a Nomex hood.
  6. Rich, you beat me to it!! That is why I will always call it a bus. Since 1994 when I started in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.
  7. Show up in a T-shirt that says "You get what you pay for.....stop volunteer ambulances." I did, and the hooples left me alone. It was great.
  8. YEAH, I know what YOU mean; PEOPLE DON'T understand me or my humor either. But you have to love your job. I have a partner who does not understand my mind. [Neither do I with your poor spelling and grammar.] But, she is also in her 70s (no need for an apostrophe) and yes she is still RUNNING rig (What's a RIG?). We had a double homicide and would have liked to HAVE been on scene, just to SEE the bodies. Yes, I love running to scenes just to see bodies. Like 3 of them lined up execution-style, shot in the head, and throats and faces slashed. :roll: This grammar correction brought to you
  9. I am part of the Old Guard, right?
  10. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  11. Welcome from the Lehigh Valley/Slate Belt.
  12. Scene safety should be replaced with situational awareness. If you notice any of my posts, that's the term I use. "Scene safety" seems to lead the provider that once you get there and the scene is safe, nothing will happen. How deadly wrong that could be.....
  13. I loved the 747 boxes, until you had to carry them up numerous flights of stairs. I like using the Flambeau PM 2072. Compact, but I could fit everything in there. Bags aren't too bad, as long as they are designed right.
  14. They would actually have to get out the door first if it's not a "hot" job.
  15. And my city is one of them. Granted, it's not as bad as it was back in the day (hearing the stories from the veterans is unbelievable); however, I've gone outside to find skells trying to break into my truck and I've chased them away with my RSI stick.
  16. Yes, St. Patty's Day is safer. They don't go trolling through the Park afterwards ripping off women's clothes. And NYC is the safest big city in the world. I'm biased, though, since I did grow up there during the crack epidemic and I did get mugged in front of my own church.
  17. First off, we all know who the real Herbie on the site is (me, and I was here first). I think we've beaten this in other forums before. When I am at my full-time place of employment (which is the busiest per capita in the nation, 130.000 jobs w/ 13 ambulances so I WIN!), we tend to treat in the ambulance, unless it is a life threat. Does that mean we just leave? NO. We tend to go in, get the patient, treat any immediate life threats, extricate, and lock everyone else out of the truck until we're ready to go to the hospital. I still stabilize on scene before I go to the hospital; I don't
  18. If I were wearing anything under it, it would be a skirt. So, who's gonna be at the parade?
  19. Ah, Father's Day, also known as Baby Daddy Day....the most confusing day in the City of Newark.....
  20. Like I said, all in fun and games. I thought Northeastern was accredited too. We have a tradition with them....they go back to Boston without hair if they survive working with us.
  21. I follow the duck rule: If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it is a duck. If the patient said that his pain was similar to his last MIs, then it's a cardiac workup. What was the patient's final diagnosis/disposition?
  22. I will be at the parade, and when FDNY Suppression marches by, I will gladly show them what is under my kilt. Anyone care to join me?
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