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  1. Next year, I'll be the guy camping out in the World War II pup tent. And the Yuengling in a Mermite. And I'll be wearing a kilt.
  2. The thing I tell all new partners or students on my truck: Deer have antlers, honey attracts bees, and sweeties melt in the rain because they're made of sugar. You WILL refer to our patients as sir or ma'am.
  3. I'm gonna try to get down there next year. I'll drive the Jeep down. One of my friends from a per-diem job was down there.
  4. Congrats. Where in Jersey are you going, or more importantly, are you going to be working where I'm working?
  5. Congrats bro!! We're gonna have to celebrate at Flannery's one night.
  6. In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, your employer is REQUIRED to provide you TB screening.
  7. Sounds like you did a good job. When you're on the scene of a trauma, the patient needs a surgeon. Scoop and run, do everything, including advanced airway, on the way to the hospital.
  8. Being that I've stuck 4 sick kids in the past 2 days, I'll chime: O2, assist as needed. Pull out my trusty Broselow. IV. Check sugar. If low, give sugar. Fluid bolus. 5 day old, 10 mL/kg. See what happens. Get the tube ready.
  9. That post should go in the Top 20. It takes a strong person to step back like that and come to that realization. That's the last thing he needs....
  10. If you are being serious, apology accepted.
  11. Maybe you shouldn't believe everything you hear about the U. I must be an "elitist" since I work there. :roll: I suggest you present some facts and proof before you start badmouthing all of us that work there. For your information, the other 247 of us that work there are pretty pissed off and angry that this happened. I was never hazed when I started there; I've been there almost three years. I suggest you watch what you say and present facts and proof. You sound like someone whose application got rejected. If so get over it; it took me 3 years to get in.
  12. Nope, Patriot Workwear in Wind Gap. Mark, who used to work at M&P, opened it up about 2 years ago.
  13. I just got back from the uniform shop. I bought a vest.
  14. As someone who works at the U as a Paramedic, I am very embarrased to be working there. I am very angry, because it makes those of us who enjoy working there and love the job look really bad. The people of the City are not going to forget this one. I now fear for my safety at work. I'm going to buy a vest in the morning. NOTE: Please don't ask me for details. I would like to keep my job.
  15. At UMDNJ, all of the ER doclings, er, residents, are required to do 2 weeks on the truck while on rotations. It's an eye-opening experience for them. Happiness is walking by the doclings with the doctor (usually about 7 of them), saying duck-duck-GOOSE!!, and then run around the ER. I did that earlier this week.
  16. Wow, I'm out of the area for 8 days and that happens! 1. Were you on that job? 2. Are the people who were on that job OK? PM me if needed.
  17. I will be up that way on the Cape for vacation 8/23-8/30. On 8/30, I plan on planting my ass at 'Nuf Ced McGreevy's Tavern on Boylston St., in kilt. I will be respectful and leave my Yankees regalia in the Jeep.
  18. Now what did he do? I say we get a lifetime bubble wrap collection for him. Or just a bubble.
  19. After reading this thread, I feel the need to beat my head against the wall twice. Once for not doing the degree route. But I'm going backwards and I'm going to do it. Second because I have now realized why we will not advance as a profession. The driftwood needs to be collected and burned in a bonfire. I have the gasoline.
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