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  1. The best thing I can tell you to do on a clusterf--k (or any MCI, for that matter) is to grab your patient, get out of there, and do everything on the way to the hospital. MCIs suck, especially when they're not controlled. Having PD and FD running around like chickens with their head cut off doesn't help either. Always remember to keep cool (or at least look it) in front of your patient.
  2. Look for the bald goateed guy in the kilt.
  3. I'll have to dig for the research, but no healthy individual shot with a Taser has ever died. Those who have died after being hit with a Taser were either on drugs or had cardiac issues. Personally, if I have a person shot by a Taser, I work it up ALS.
  4. As someone who is a member on DFD's site, and also worked in the ghetto, here's my 2 cents. It's all about RESPECT. Treat your patients and the families with respect, and the citizens will do the same. Yes, there are times where they will try to act tought, but as long as you stay calm and professional, you will have no problem. When I worked in Newark, everyone who was older than me was referred to as "Sir" or "Ma'am." The older ladies loved it! As for appearance: Look professional. Yes, I wore a vest for a little bit (after the KKK hazing incident), but after that happened, most
  5. mediccjh


    As I was in Paramedic Limbo (Passed the test but not allowed to practice paramedic skills yet), I went out with one of my friends on a chest pain. One of the local rescue chiefs went also since it was down from his house. He looked like crap, and we diagnosed an inferior wall MI a la LP 10. We get him into the truck, and as my partner is trying to start the line, he does the gasp and arrests. I look at the monitor and scream "OH SHIT! V-FIB!!" My partner said to check the leads, to which I replied, "I already fuckin' checked-they're attached!" I grab the paddles (I miss using paddles), to whic
  6. Excellent case!!! Everyone has already mentioned what I woulda done. Do I count as one of the older ones, with 7 years as a medic and 12 on the job? Heh.
  7. Once again, the poster children for why EMS SUCKS in New Jersey. And the hooples wonder why the Paramedics treat them like brainless twits.
  8. It's everywhere. As a return to my annual tradition of having a Christmas DOA, I had one Christmas Eve in a trailer. Had to climb over garbage, newspapers, birdcages, and lots of other things in a trailer to get into the unlit back room in the trailer to pronounce the 400+ lb woman who was dead. And of course, the smell. Bird droppings everywhere, and the Whiskey Tango smell. One of the cops looked at me afterwords and said "If you ever need anything, let us know. I don't know how the hell you did that; you're a better man than I." And people wonder why I obsessively clean my apartment.
  9. Worst comes to worst, give 3 rounds, and if no change, pronounce.
  10. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, here are the poster children for why New Jersey's EMS system SUCKS.
  11. I agree; however AZ does not have beta-blockers on the truck. Aortic aneurysms run in my family. At least I know how I'm going to die.
  12. They are used for the vasodilatory effects by reducing stress on the walls of the arteries. You want to avoid ASA though, since it thins the blood, and can increase bleeding. Target B/P range is 70-90 systolic, because you don't want any pressure against the wall where the tear is.
  13. As much as it pains me to say this as a true-blooded Noo Yawhkuh, Boston has the best big city-run EMS system in the nation. If it weren't 225 [s:d4a3ef36ac]miles behind enemy lines [/s:d4a3ef36ac] away from Mecca, I would go there in a heartbeat.
  14. I'm already in Medic Hell. I work in New Jersey.
  15. Any chance it's the weed laced with formaldehyde? I'm sure I'll see it up here in the Poconos in 2 weeks.
  16. It's rare when everyone on the board agrees about something. I suggest you listen to us.
  17. Back to Stroudsburg, PA for a bit so I can figure out my next move.
  18. Take it from someone who just left working in Newark. RUN THE F--K AWAY!! If you have a brain, and work in NJ, it will atrophy because of the sheer stupidity and incompetence of the volunteers. It will atrophy because the standing orders suck. It will atrophy because trying to be a Paramedic in NJ is like trying to be one with you hands tied behind your back while you're being beaten like a pinata.
  19. You get what you pay for..... Stop (NJ) Volunteer Ambulances, like my bumper sticker says.
  20. It's a felony in PA. The medic did a great job. He defended himself, then assisted in restraint.
  21. OK, my turn to chime in, being the burnt-out ghettomedic I am working in the busiest per-capita system in the nation. To the Memphis guys, it does take a lot of guts to come in here and talk. We can be intimidating and such; that's because we don't tolerate unprofessionalism. oneilljb and the other Memphis gentleman who was first to respond: Thank you for the intelligent posts. You have helped start a PROFESSIONAL adult conversation/debate, which seems to be going well. MemphisE34a: You attitude is what got you the responses. Get off your high horse please, leave your gear at
  22. Mamaroneck is in Westchester County, not Lawn Ghiland.
  23. Wang can't address RSI in PA, because we don't have it.
  24. OK, I need to rant. I am farking sick and tired of all these doctors saying that Paramedics shouldn't be allowed to intubate. Well, isn't it hard to finesse our work if we aren't taught correctly?!!! I've been a medic for 7 years, and I've only been unable to intubate 6 patients (1 was last night, because she was clenched). I intubated 26 patients last year, most of them on the first attempt, and I'm up to 12 so far this year. [/rant]
  25. Sorry, our "Stop Volunteer Ambulances" page was shut down 2 years ago my friend.
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