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  1. Thanks everyone for your replies. I quit the fire department I was volunteering on (as an EMT- Basic) because of the creative reporting system used as well as being punished for speaking up when a patient's safety came into question. The paramedic mentioned is married to a person that heads up the fire and rescue department and is also on the city council and fire/rescue board, as well as the county fire and rescue association. So reporting this locally will only get it swept under the rug. Looks like my next option is to copy the email and send it to someone at state level.
  2. What should i do: I have a copy of an email sent by our EMS captain with all the answers for the Missouri State First Responder Test. In this email the First Responder class is told to "make the answers look good" and to "be sure to get a few wrong". This EMS Captain is also a Paramedic for a local hospital. This Paramedic is also related to wealthy and powerful people in our community. After taking this 'bogus' class i didn't feel comfortable with what had occured so i went on my own (at my own expense) and obtained my EMT-B license. Should I be a 'whistle blower'? Reporting any wrong doing in fire/ems is deeply frowned up and discouraged. What would you do?
  3. I want to thank everyone who replied to my post. Really appreciated the feedback. This question actually came up during an ems meeting with our paramedic captain. She told our department responders that a priapism "goes down within a few minutes on its own." I didn't that sounded right as the definition of a priapism alone did not agree with the information she gave.
  4. Does the Priapism that can occur with a spinal cord injury resolve itself spontaneously?
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