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  1. What about jobs? Are there any tips with getting on with a fire department. Since the last posing I have decided to attend a school in Nothern VA (It offers a degree and closer to my family). Would it be dumb to apply to places hundreds or even thousands of miles away? (FDNY, Boston, Chicago, LA etc..). The area around the school isnt really needing paramedics right now and after doing my ride along with a Private, I would really like to stay away.
  2. I already have my EMT-B. I am planning on attending my local school in Southern PA as soon as I get back from my Family. I am 20 years old, will be 21 in July. I would like some advice on the field. The Do's/Dont's or things I should keep up on so that way, when I finish school I wont have too much trouble finding a spot with a company.
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