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  1. are you gonna keep burning me about my training? I HAVE TRAINING IN OPAs. THEY ARE TO PREVENT THE TOUNGE from obstructing the airway. WILL YOU JUST ANSWER
  2. Hey guys. After you have inserted an OPA during CPR, do you have to keep doing the head tilt chin lift during ventilation?
  3. im not giving meds. Im not under medical direction to DO SO. The "patient" will request it and ill "assist in its administration". Ill "advise" the "patient with chest pains" to take an aspirin lets see Sharps Container used epi pens bloody glass shards needles a paramedic used but his sharps container is in the truck
  4. Mike why do you keep going on about this. IM TRAINED, im an MFR
  5. Hey Guys. I've been looking at the "Cyclone Pocket BVM" that takes up way less space then a preassembled BVM in a bag. The one con is that its expensive at like $37.00. Can the mask on the BVM be replaced and the bag portion cleaned in a solution of bleach and water. Can the BVM at least be reused after its been cleaned?
  6. Hey guys. Im an MFR and I made a trauma bag. I tried not to go nutter with it (might be too late ). Im not going out of my scope of practice. I used a $30 empty medical bag. I want to know what you think of it. I will proabably make a video in a week or so. Here we we go: 1 Box of 50 Nitrile Gloves 1 Sharps Container 1 Qt 1 Biohazard Bag 4 5x9 Trauma Dressings 20 4x4 Gauze Pads 3 2x2 Gauze Pads 3 3x3 Gauze Pads 1 10x30 Trauma Pad 2 Small Chemical Ice Packs 4 4" Roller Gauze 3 3" Roller Gauze 2 2" Rolls of Medical Tape 1 1" Roll of Medical Tape 1 4x4 Burn Dressing 1 Burn Sheet 1 Set of 6 OPAs (should I look into some NPAs?) 1 36" SAM Splint 1 16" SAM Splint 2 250 ML Bottles of Saline Solution 1 Plastic Bag containing roll of Plastic Wrap (Covering Burns, Sucking Chest Wound Ect.) 2 ACE Brand Elastic Bandages OTC Meds (Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Non-Asprin, Electrolytes) 1 Stethoscope/BP Cuff 1 OB Kit 1 CPR Pocket Mask 1 Adult BVM (taking up a lot of space D: probably will remove it) 1 Adjustable C-Collar 1 Vitals Notebook 2 Emergency Blankets 1 Set of Medical Instruments (Trauma Shears, Bandage Scissors, Penlight, Seatbelt Cutter, Forceps)
  7. Who says I'm going to be doing it alone? 1 Rescuer CPR with BVM is not easy for anybody.
  8. Ok Mike. I'll look it up. I don't carry that much stuff. Yes i have stashed a BVM in there.
  9. Yeah, I just checked an Advanced First Aid course at a local university. Called the instructor, 1 hour training on OB and Backboarding and C-Spine will be covered. Thanks its about 22-23 hours
  10. I understand. Base the type of Delivery System of O2 based on the Pulse Ox and the cause of respiratory distress of the PT. Im only asking because I keep an Adult BVM in my "Jump Bag" and I don't carry O2. I know that hooking the BVM to O2 will increase the Oxygen Concentration and is recommended. By the way, im technically not the "official" term of a CFR. I have about 23 hours of Advanced First Aid W/Obstetrics and Backboarding and 12 Hours CPR/AED For Healthcare Providers W/Administering Oxygen, Suction, Airway Adjuncts, Ect. Attended a few EMT lectures. Im not a nut or scanner chaser . I just tried to find the closest certification level to my training and this almost matched it if it wasn't for taking BPs (:. Im with CERT and hopefully going to get my EMT in a few years. Thanks Guys Mike, if its alright, would you mind giving me a BVM rate for say, an Infant and a Child, who are having difficulty breathing. Thanks
  11. 2 I can name off the top of my head Hatzolah EMS BRAVO Vol Ambulance Hatzalah I think runs 2 tier with a fly car with MFR, EMT, or medic and 1-2 others grab an ambo from station. I never really understood need for vollie EMS in NYC. FDNY and other private and hospital based EMS seems to get it covered.
  12. Hey guys. I was just wondering what's your way of BVMing a patient with difficulty breathing. Is the pace the same for bagging a PT not breathing? Thanks
  13. Boston Massachusetts. US i looked up the course info OB and emergency childbirth is covered
  14. Hey guys. I was just wondering about what an Advanced First Aid Course teaches and typically how long one is. Im already an MFR but i am asking this for a friend in CERT. He didn't want to go get the full 48 Hour CFR course. Instead he is deciding to do an Advanced First Aid Course and also a CPR/AED for Healthcare Providers (because it includes a BVM). He was wondering if the advanced course covered: Backboarding Obstetrics Thanks, Ben
  15. well.................................always good to be prepared. We just stumbled on the OB section of the course. Our instructor told us it would be a good idea to stock one (just in case) since we would be trained to use it
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