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  1. By: Maria Shila Clarion Caraan-Medic/456 It is those kinds of days when the world is normally quiet and people are outside their homes and in the busy streets celebrating happy moments with families or simply just wandering around when some unforeseen events may occur exploiting the people’s expectations about life and the enjoyment of it. The EMS personnel whom dedicated to serve have their own purpose. For us, every life matters. Every second is precious. Coping with stress witnessing the death and dying, even the smallest nerves on our system, quivered. No matter how strong we are tr
  2. “My heart is ascertained that it’s a hard life; but I cannot stop my lips from smiling.” It has been nearly end of November 2015, just a couple of weeks before my wedding I was assigned in Unit-18 stationed at Ghusais Civil Defense headquarters with senior Medic Matoza and senior driver Mohammad Ahmad. The shift started as normal. We were checking our stocks, cleaning the car, and preparing for whatever will come our way that night. As the winter breeze started cooling off the day sun left, we were able to hint to ourselves, it might be a quiet night as the medic’s radio channe
  3. here in my work place our local protocol (PHECC) the only contraindications of traction splinting are A) Pelvic fx knee fx C) partial amputation D) injuries of the lower third of the lower leg E) hip injury that prohibits normal alignment. So definitely I can do the traction splinting on the femur shaft in both close and open fracture.
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