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  1. Roni

    Writer Looking for Consultant

    It's been awhile. You guys still willing to help me with my book? If all goes well it's going to be a series of books. I'm just coming to a paramedic scene and need to know how this victim will be treated at the scene. My 18 year old female victim has fallen. She was doing a cheerleading stunt outdoors on hard pavement. She was standing on another girl's shoulders. Let's say the two girls are just a little over 5 feet each. If you measured to the top of her head while she was standing, she would have been a little over 10 feet high. When someone asks how far she'd fallen, would you include the height from the top of her head or would it be closer to 5 feet, measuring from how high her feet were from the ground? Whatever the height would be in this scenario, would it be possible for the victim to have been knocked out from the fall at that height? Would she be placed on a backboard and is it possible for her to have been unconscious while her torso had been strapped and come to about the time the ankles were being strapped? What if she had a gaping head wound (forehead)? Are you going to cover it and put the head strap right over the wound? If so, isn't that going to hurt a bit? Would you be doing anything for pain or leave her to suffer until she's treated in ED? Can't remember how to do quotes on this site. Want to thank MikeEMT for the info. I agree with DwayneEMTP it's nice to have the info on the forum instead of one on one and Emergency Laughter, congratulations on your book and my bear IS watching a climbing I would like to use my books to teach my readers something. If there's anything you guys would like readers to learn or know about your work, tell me things I can write about in my stories. I recently took an online writing class and wrote a story about a guy who didn't want to pull over for an ambulance. Wasn't written in the best way. Everyone knew his son at school may have lived if he would have pulled over, long before I got that far in the story. But it did make people think. Thanks for your help all! -Roni
  2. Roni

    Back in the day...

    Will do. Thanks for the help!
  3. Roni

    Back in the day...

    So glad you started this topic! I received EMT-A training as a requirement of the LE training I completed in '91. I'm writing some fiction in which two of my important characters are paramedics. One began his career as a cop but switched when he realized that he lived for the medical calls. I planned to use the application of MAST trousers in a scene. Are you saying they're not used anymore? Why not? What do you use instead? Is there ever a situation in which you'd use them?
  4. Roni

    Writer Looking for Consultant

    Very valuable information. Thanks so much. Things sure have changed!
  5. Roni

    Writer Looking for Consultant

    I finished law enforcement training in '91. Due to an injury I sustained in an attempted escape from the detention facility I worked in, my career was over before it began. In '91 there were no computers in the squads, officers carried hand-held radios, and no one carried cell phones. Would you be willing to explain how all that works these days?
  6. Hello, I’m an aspiring fiction writer looking to consult someone regarding the EMS profession. I have a consultant concerning my climbing characters and find it easier to ask one person questions rather than a whole forum. If you frequently respond to climbing accidents or were in law enforcement before EMS, I have specific questions for you, but I’d appreciate help from anyone willing to answer questions for as long as it takes to complete my manuscript. There’s no pay involved, but I promise your eyes a good workout (as they roll frequently at the questions you’re asked) and a signed copy of my book when published. Thanks for your help. -Roni