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  1. Hi.

    Thank you ! I decided spend all my life for EMT studying in the summer,this is why i'm taking the EMT-B class again,even i don't pass,I'll take again,agin and again. But,i always feel like .. i really get stuck in language,some people "insult" me because i don't speak good English,it makes me very sad and frustrated,i doubt myself a lotttttt,i think about giving up more and more often,i said "sorry" all the time to my classmates,i'm not a good partner.. I don't know how to keep moving,but I'll try my best. Thank you ! OOOPs,i just deleted the reply .. Thank you! i actually have a lot of questions,but i'm afraid to ask .. i don't want to trouble anyone..but there's no other Chinese EMT students that i could discuss with .. Thank you! Thank you!
  2. Hi.

    Hi,everyone! I'm a Chinese EMT student I'm gonna finished the second time's Emt class. Language is the biggest issue for my EMT study Anyway,i'm glad that i found this good place and to learn from you guys!