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  1. Eric

    full life

    nice where is LS and ben at have not seen them in a few
  2. Eric

    full life

    On the 16 of this moth i talked to my dad i have never talked or seen him in my life 30 years. on the 20th i went to dinner to meet him for the frist time and found out i have 3 bothers and a 1 sister then this week i got to talk to them and tonight i went to dinner with my one bother and sister talked to one in FL and the other is to young to know whats going on. So in a nutshell i been busy with a lot on my mind and going on around me
  3. Eric

    Any COD fans?

    COd fans or any xbox
  4. Eric

    chat times

    When would be the best time. To come into chat and not be the only one in there. Or know no one and see only new members miss talking to ben kiwi LS ITku and others
  5. hows it going man

  6. I in joyed that. Plase keep them comeing Ruff
  7. ben that would be KY IN AK HI CA TX AR NY NYNY SC NC FL AZ NM OH TN and for me its firearms
  8. well be about 2 weeks and i well give was thinking of saleing one of my guns aways
  9. What's on yneeds some sleeo our mind?

  10. What's on yneeds some sleeo our mind?

  11. What's on yneeds some sleeo our mind?

  12. Eric


    Any one need a little help came home last nite and there was a lite smell of decomp in the house check on my grand pa and ma they ok. Went to bed got up went back to work came home. Tonite and had the strong smell of decomp well check the mice trap nothing but the pisone was gone. So i moved the frigearater and find 10 dead mice decomping in my dam house. Now i cant get ridd of the smell any help in getting reid of it??? Delt with dead bodys for a long time no big deal for i did not live there
  13. OK I just have to ask is this for you or the company you work for
  14. i had to do somthing lol
  15. so your how old now i think your bday has B.C after the date right?
  16. glad your backwe need more old members back around here
  17. Eric

    something funny

  18. ok what hell is that thing?????????????
  19. just need to see what you all think of this As the nation battles the obesity crisis, ambulance crews are trying to improve how they transport extremely heavy patients, who become significantly more difficult to move as they surpass 350 pounds (159 kilograms). And caring for such patients is expensive, requiring costly equipment and extra workers, so some ambulance companies have started charging higher fees for especially overweight people. http://www.mddailyrecord.com/article.cfm?id=158873&type=Daily
  20. louisville,ky population as of 2008 was 713,877 399 sq mi over 12,000 runs a month
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