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  1. I hope you're not saying that I have very little EMS experience. I've worked in two of the larger systems in the country and worked in several urban ERs (and one smaller EMS system). As for SSM, I agree that it has problems, but, from a deployment angle what would work better for busy urban EMS? Staff up 24-hour stations like fire, everywhere? SFFD tried it and they're moving towards 12-hour shifts now. It looks like in the end they will move to SSM. How do you meet sub-10 minute response times? Saying that you don't need to respond that fast doesn't cut it. Also how do you cost effec
  2. There's a lot of EMS agencies doing SSM. As for Fire. It seems like it would be kinda nasty moving entire engine companies around all over the place. Moving one rig and a couple of folks around is easier. Fire response times increase when there are multiple incidents in the same area. Make that three+ and everything goes to pot! The good news, multiple fire incidents don't happen in the same areas with the incredible regularity that multiple EMS incidents do. Case in point: Riggs Station 31 (Atwater, CA) has SSM stats that show that when one call goes down there's a high likelyhood that ano
  3. :x My not so humble opinion on the patch... The gold patch with the rocker has always been that cool thing I will get at the end of the trails of becoming a paramedic. None of the services I worked for used them so, I wouldn't get to wear it. Then... I come to work for EMSA and we wear the registry patches. COOL! What happens? I get here and find out they changed the damn patch, and, guess what, my academy is the first to get the new ones and I'm the first person to get the new ones. The 8 of use folks coming into Tulsa are like the 'one of these things is not like the others' fro
  4. [/font:207bb23200] I just started the current academy here in Tulsa, OK. last Monday. 6 weeks (five to go), tough stuff. You hit the ground running. One week and your first of three cracks at passing a 50 for basics or 150 for medics question protocol and procedure exam (80% passing). I have to recert ACLS, AMCLS, PHTLS, PEPP, etc... They have a strong emphasis on making us into "EMSAmedics". They did an incredible amount of work to move me from California. Pay here is the same as for mid-paid CA services. That mean based on the cost of living it's pretty good. Adjusted for cost of liv
  5. Hey All, I teach ACLS and I've run into something that I hear is pretty normal. During a recert class I challenged my students to think during the megacode skill station. Some of the nurses were upset that I made them think and didn't just tell them what to do and give them their certs. When I talked to a medic friend of mine she said "Of course, it's just recert, no one wants to think, they just want their cert." What the hell? Am I supposed to turn out students that don't know their stuff? --- Nancy
  6. In a few weeks I will be interning in East San Jose, CA. That's pretty damn urban! --- Nancy
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