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  1. I have horrible grammer and it's one of the things that I need to work on most! I haven't had any pedi calls yet but I know my day is coming and I dread that. I knew coming into this career that dealing with kids would be my biggest stumbling block. I have learned a lot from these two deaths and that's how I've come to look at them, as really good experiences for me to learn from. I also learned from the family and how to interact with others in their time of need.
  2. I'm a Medic student in Texas and have just this past week I've ran two calls in which the patient past away. These where my first experiences to death in EMS. I really thought i would be more affected by their deaths, but i havent been. Maybe becaue I didn't know them before or never even heard them speak(both were tubed and out before I even saw them). On one call the patient's family was allowed into the room while the team was performing CPR. I like the fact that the doctor let them be in the room for closure. What are some of y'all's feeling on end of life treatment and family involement?
  3. Being a medic student and never having done a 'real' IO except on chicken bones, we were taught for children use the anterior tibia. If that location was compromised then try the following distal femur, distal tibia, or anterior superior iliac spine(older children). On adult start with the anterior tibia and if unable to access then, if you have the correct tools, go to the sternum or humerus. Has anyone ever done an illiac spine? I don't know all the protocols for the services in my area but one service is allowed two attempts for peripheral IV and if both fail go straight to IO. What are y'all's protocols for using an IO?
  4. I would be embarrassed to introduce my self in Greensboro. They describe the job as if all paramedics are high-school drop outs who could find nothing else to do with their lives. I'm proud to say that I'm a paramedic and yes, I do, drive the big flashing bus they call an ambulance. I'm interested to know how other states describe paramedic jobs.
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