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  1. Pediatric respiratory care

    Each child is different so I would do what works best for the situation and the pt's needs. My 11 year old daughter is asthmatic, she does okay with somethings on her face and not with others. When she had nasal surgery 2 years ago, she freaked out so bad with the NRB, that they had to take me back to recovery to calm her down. I think we all need to be adaptable to the situation and do what is right at the time of treatment. If a four year old can tolerate a NRB, then use one
  2. Hello from Kansas

    Welcome to you from another KS AEMT!
  3. chest pain bad, nitrates good

    In our service, we are not allowed to give nitro unless we have obtained a 15 lead per medical direction. According to our AEMT instructor (service director as well); there are studies that have proven that one instance of hypotensive blood pressure greatly increases the risk of mortality in an MI.
  4. What do you do with psych patients?

    We are a rural service also. We, however, are lucky that our director and medical director both allow us to travel to the nearest appropriate facility for the pt. If it's the hospital 10 minutes away or 2 hours away. If the pt is unstable, then it's nearest facility and we transfer from there in the appropriate manner (helicopter called in or one of our 3 ambulances in our service). We do have two part time paramedics that can sedate as needed but they can also be treated in the local hospital before transport. We are also allowed to restrain for our protection or that of others if we have the okay by online medical protocol or we can have a police officer ride with us.
  5. You might be in EMS if..

    If you wash your hands before going to the bathroom “Quiet” is worse than any 4-letter word These, big time. Seeing as how I work in healthcare (besides the ambulance, I work at an assisted living facility) the "Q" word is hated in both areas and I always wash my hands before I use the bathroom at work and while I'm doing anything on the ambulance. In fact, I've been the relative shit attractor here lately.
  6. OMG I about died laughing and my husband remembers seeing this on "In Living Color"
  7. Car repairs and the money they cost suck. So does you 9 year old son having migraines that last a day even with the tylenol 3. On the other hand, in a few days, I will have a safer van in which to drive my children. And I always try to remember things can get worse. I have it relatively easy. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, just one of those craptastic days!
  8. Glucose, What's your highest?

    Transported one the other day that was 650 syrum levels, 7.1 pH, 6.5 potassium levels. Needless to say, he went from a rural hospital to a CCU in the larger city.
  9. fa-la-la-lala-la-laa-la-la I earned the coveted "shit magnet" award this weekend combined with the first weekend of last month, lol.
  10. IO access

    I got I/O access the first time this last week on a cardiac arrest so I could give epi. We have the EZ IO. Very easy to place and not at all difficult to do. VERY fast and easy to place.
  11. IO access

    We've got an EZ IO. Use the tibia if you can. We can also use a humeral site and a site above the ankle if need be.
  12. Cant argue this point

    The only thing I've heard of compared to childbirth in a male is passing a kidney stone. I can see how that would be extremely painful. My husband had a vasectomy and said it was "only as bad as getting kicked in the nuts". I went through nearly 50 hours of labor between two kids, one almost totally unmedicated with a child that had shoulders that got stuck.
  13. Hope you aren't colour blind.

    My son is color blind, lol. He can't see it either, probably a good thing though considering it's not intended for children, lol. It's funny though!
  14. A lesson in humor: If you can laugh, when you lose your nads...

    That, sir, is pretty f'n epic!
  15. Backboarding policy change

    We're looking at ways to implement this in the service I am with along with doing away with log rolling pts. Service director says that log rolling actually has the potential to do more damage because it can't be controlled exactly (no two people can move at exactly the same time at exactly the same pace in exactly the same way)