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  1. Okay, I'll chime in. My full time medic partner and I were on a cardiac arrest. He was attempting to insert the tube, when I noticed that he had the tube upside down with the stylete heading into Pt's throat. All I did was whisper to him that the tube was upside down, Later after the call he thanked me. I did not "save" his ass. With some of the EMT's I've seen in my area, the slogan should read "Paramedics save EMT's asses" Oh yea, I will not buy one of those damn t-shirts "Paramedics save lives, EMT's save paramedics".
  2. Okay Mr. fireman, your my hero. Does that make you feel better now?
  3. Lets see,, disptached to a residence for a "patient assist". Once inside we find out the patient wanted us to wipe her rear after she took a "dump" Several weeks later, we are again dispatched to same residence for a "patient assist" again we get inside and patient tells us she dialed 911 because she needs her blanket and sheet pulled up to her neck so she can go to bed.
  4. I work 36 hrs a week. Wed 12hrs 07:00-19:00, and Thurs 24hrs 07:00-07:00. The other squad I work for I do another 36hrs a week. Sun 24hrs 06:00-06:00, and Mon 12hrs 18:00-06:00. So I work a total of 72 hrs a week.
  5. I have a small holster with shears (same reason as PRPG),O2 wrench and 2 pens. I also have a radio that I keep it in the leather holder with a shoulder sling ( don't know the technical name, but who cares)
  6. I thought it was pronounced Cananada. How about "that cold place up north"?
  7. Okay, I give up. :? This must be the ultimate wacker truck. I can hear members of the dept saying " our neighboring fire depts don't have one of these".
  8. Okay I'll admit, I have several of the code 3 collectable ambulances (never took them out of the box and they are in storage in my house). My parents years ago when I was a volley hose monkey, bought me a leather fire helmet that dated from the early 1900's. I still have it in my house. I also had a tear drop blue light that I never used, because I lived two blocks from the fire house. I remember several guys had suction cup blue lights instead of magnetic. Now, I leave my house in plain clothes and come home in plain clothes and my personnel gear is in my gear bag. I have nothing on me
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