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  1. teri? fuzzy or hung over??? J/K You know i love ya and CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. NYPAEMT39asked me to post that she passed tonight and the wonderful statesof pa and ny now have a new medic amongst us !!!!!!
  3. just relax and not stress if you did that well in the regular class i know you did fine on the test and as the others have said monday (2morrow) it'll say simply congratulatins you passed so in short relax(you earned it ) and look into your NEXT level
  4. thoughts, prayers & deepest sympathies for the families of the lost for the lost may they rest in peace
  5. unbelieveable but they'll put crap in the paper about some dumbass who needs an ambulance after doing something stupid but nothing to even remotely recognize the job itself
  6. my first call during right out of emt school was for a ped struck in the middle of the major route i live near.It seems he was walking home from the local restaurant (apparently only a short walk to his home from the place no car needed which around here is a novelty) he was intoxicated and an older woman driving a caddy struck him sending him about 1800-2000 feet down the road he was unconcious and unresponsive when we got there few small lacerations .He began to "come to"on intubation .Later airlifted to a hospital in lancaster county he survivied had a few broken ribs and the lacerations
  7. i want to see a better pic cuz that one doesnt impress me it looks like a regular ambulance to me nothing spectacular
  8. well the site is called EMTCITY not paramedic city so this might be why .....the search engine might not pick up on it being for fire fighters,medics etc just a thought
  9. with dnrs it could get sticky but i thought once presented you had to contact med com to get orders to continue or to cease depending on docs decision? for me personally ,id let the doc decide but id call law enforcement just to keep it quiet you dont need anyone getting antsy or anything cuz then youre going to have more then one patient
  10. its very normal class can only tell you about the oh crap calls not make them realisitic and when you're new most of the ones that are routine for the experienceed emt (inc major ones like described)will bring fear ,freezing etc to n emt just begining the key is just like stated previously keep going out you'll get through it if you cant get past freezing up after awhile it might be time to ask yourself "is this really for me?"tough question but in the long run if you cant handle it then you're not doing anyone any good you're more liability then asset
  11. but they wonder why they keeep getting sued &why pts complain ??? & yes it seems politically motivated which is pathetic when pt care is SUPPOSED to come FIRST & honestly i dont see basics handling als calls all that well theyre not trained for it properly hence why medics complete the training ... :roll: it boggles the mind all it is is VOTE FOR ME bleh they need to get a grip on reality
  12. when i had shunt surgeries my fd said no waaay you are on leave with work so ur not runnin calls,doin trainin til the docs say its cool it sucked i wanted to run so bad didint happen though my hubby could but all i could do was watch n wait for the dr to clear me it sucks but when its the rules it s the rules yes the leave from work was paid so i had alot to lose did i miss runnin yess but i followed thed rules had no choice
  13. people like her shouldbe sterilizedd from birth that is just so sad and sickening i feel sorry for those poor kids they will definitely need counseling the rest of their lives as for her there isnt a punishment CRUEL enough to make her pay for those actions a chill went up my spine as i read this i am a parent and i could NEVER imagine contemplating anything like this much less DOING it all i can say is hopefully now they will have the lives they deserve away from a pyscho mother like that she doesnt deserve them
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