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  1. Thank you all for your help, just wanted to let you know that I am going to the UK where I found a Bs hon in paramedic science
  2. Hi thanks for all the help. Been looking at a lot of schools and many good schools. Was wandering if anyone knows about this school in Pittsb. http://www.centerem.org/ ahh see that someone mentioned university of pittsburgh
  3. Thank you for that. Most of the Icelandic paramedics went to the US to study, and I think Iceland accepts education from most countries. I don't plan on working anywhere else then in Iceland except maybe in the US cause I have family there. There is more help here on this site than me browsing by my self, I am now much closer to my goal than I was a week ago so thank you all for your help And please if anyone has some ideas or knows something better then do not hesitate to leave a comment, even if it's about programs in other countries than the US
  4. There are some paramedics in Iceland but to training they just offer EMT-B and I :S Captain: I don't know what pm-ing is :S But living in the middle of nowhere is really no problem. If he will take me and I would get a full paramedic license then I am happy Only thing I have to be in Iceland at least until new years due to work and my search and rescue team Just to clarify just some schools I have been in contact with don't take international students, but the ones that do tell me that I need to do the EMT- basic program again, and that will add at least a half year to my studies and a lot more money.
  5. Some schools don't allow international students. I sure hope to find some answers here cause I really want to become a paramedic and I would prefer to do it in the Us, but I'm starting to look at other countries as well like the UK or something closer like Norway
  6. Hi i was wondering if anyone could help me, I am a EMT-B in Iceland and I want to become a paramedic and they don't offer that in Iceland. It looks like where ever I look I always hit a wall, most common is that I have to become a EMT-B again and I need to be an american citizen. If anyone knows a school or program for me that would be great BR Anna
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