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  1. I agree..the comment that she was engaged plays no role in this.. it was just a point that one of my students wanted to clarify..and to give the full picture I added. Yes, I agree, that she is Emancipated.... Statuatory Rape has no basis on this question as it was about consent, and the "baby daddy's" age was not given..however, interesting discussion. My goal is to see what my "peers" decided....seems like the majority of us agree that if she is "with child", she is a "parent" for now anyway, and thus would be considered an Emancipated Person and able to make her own medical decision
  2. As an Instructor, I want people to come to me with problems, solutions or ways to make the program better. I want to know what is being done when I am not around.... I think it shows true character. With that said, I agree, that if the quiz was that important, the Instructor should not have left the room, but I can also play Devil's advocate and make a point that when you are the only instructor in the "house" that night, there are often a lot of things to get done or set up in a relatively short period of time. I think you did the right thing, and I commend your Instructor for looking
  3. Was your DUI a felony? If not insurance through hpso.com should not be an issue.
  4. OK..so I posed a question to my EMT students..and WOW did it ever start a discussion. Here's the question: You are providing care for a 15 year old female who is pregnant. What type of consent would you be seeking from her? Here are some clarifying points that my students wanted to know. She is Engaged to the "Baby Daddy", She is conscious and complaining of Abdominal Pain. What say ye?
  5. I have done temp cards in the past.... they were from the entity that I worked for...and a place holder until the "AHA/ARC" card came in. I am unable to keep stock cards in my business with the Training Satellite that I work with, so I never have the cards the "day of". Most people are ok with the wait, some aren't. I have also sent copies of the roster back with them. And because the Family & Friends course doesn't have an official card with an "expiration or recommended" renewal date on it, I used to do in house cards that were good only for our institution. It's been done...nothi
  6. 1. American Pickers 2. Storage Wars 3. House Hunters 4. House Hunters International 5. House 6. Bones 7. How I met your Mother 8. Big Bang Theory 9. 3rd Rock from the Sun 10. ALF (in no real order)....I LOVE this history Channel.
  7. I amost hesitate jumping into this discussion, however, this is what I tell my students: Read the question, and then close your eyes and answer the question in your head. Look for the correct answer in those that are listed for you There are cases in which two of the answers may seem right, but there is ALWAYS one answer that is better than all of the others presented. Remember this. YOUR SAFETY, the ABC's, and Life threats... answer in that order...if airway is a possibility in the answer, then re-read the question to see if that answer fits. Good Luck! AC
  8. It's nice to have the bigger part of the troops out of there, but as has been said we are a LONG ways from truly "out of Iraq".
  9. Fairly certain that this is NOT a 2011 "saying" but I'm STILL hearing it more than I'd like. "That's what she said".
  10. Within the scope of my Class, I DO NOT let students take photo's of MVA's, MCI's, Patient Wounds etc. It's based solely on them being in my class though. We DO discuss that in some areas physicians might need a "look" at what kind of incident/accident/illness you found on the scene. Of course with all rules, there is a reason that I don't allow my students to take photo's. I had a student once..great kid, but didn't think about what he was doing..was showing univolved classmates, friends, family, etc pictures of the cool stuff that he got to see in the ER. How did I find out? The Dire
  11. Masticate = To Chew I hate it when people say "mute" and mean "moot"...and then use it incorrectly. Olecranon Process = process of the ulna that forms the outer bump of the elbow and fits into the fossa of the humerus when the arm is extended.
  12. Also, they do pass certain areas...OB, Airway, Ops, etc.... but then it is taken as a whole and averaged out as Passing, Nearly Passing or Below Passing... I miss the OLD days when we actually got scores..and a print out of exactly how we scored on each section. Ah well. Memories.....
  13. So, what do you say Admin...can we do a Dustdevil Scholarship Fund...I'm ready to donate my portion. AC
  14. Tell you what all, I would be up for letting go of a $20 to pay my respects to Dust each year. How about we do an annual Scholarship fund...send someone or someone(s) to a conference or educational event in memory of our friend. I'll bet there would be quite a few of us willing to kick in some money. Just my .02 AC
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