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  1. Sorry for the confusion. My EMT license was never revoked. After I got the Dui my Driver's license was immediately suspended for a year. It has been reinstated for a year now, I got my driver's license back... While here on my deployment my EMT license expired. But there is an exception for Active Duty military members, and once I get off active duty (Dec 2012) I can take a refresher course that will allow me to reinstate my EMT license (So i've been told) I do not live in California anymore, I live in New York but will be moving somewhere else (my husband is also army and will be staying i
  2. In order to prevent useless loss of time (I am a planner) does anyone have suggestions on how to find all of this out? When I get back from deployment my plan is to take a refresher course in order to reinstate my license (not even sure if it will be reinstated and/or if that is the correct process) and after that, if I do get my license active again, see if anyone will hire me, try volunteering/shadowing? I'm almost positive after ten years it will be completely removed from my record... I already have three years down so only 7 more... ha ha
  3. i have thought about nursing, but i'm not familiar with all of the different programs. I guess i'll have to look into it
  4. thanks for the honesty, that's what I thought. I was hoping to get in the medical field in the army but things just didn't end up that way.
  5. Really hoping I can share my story and hoping to get some advice and answers. I appreciate the time in advance. I received my EMT license in 2009, and then decided to join the Army. After I joined, I got a "dui" I say it like this because I am still unsure of exactly what it labels as on my record... I never had to pay any fees, just took an online course and mailed in the certificate. My license was however suspended for a year. I remember back in class, the paramedics stressing about suspended licenses but I don't remember what exactly was said. Now I am deployed, and my license has expir
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