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  1. Don't be worried about what they think. Just do you. If they put the time in they would succeed just like you do.
  2. I'm not planning on bitching about things that will get me in trouble. I will not be posting my service or anything like that either.
  3. Read the book, take notes on the book, ask questions, do research online about the stuff you learn to reinforce in your mind.
  4. YoungEMT95


    So I have recently started a new blog and I was wondering if anyone had any tips an tricks on getting more traffic to it without spending a ton of money. I would also appreciate any tips about blogging that others have gathered. Thanks! My blog is 17yoemsview.blogspot.com
  5. We use single use spring loaded lancets that safe the needle.
  6. Assessments may cause pain, but it gains information as to what organs may be affected.
  7. We have a psych facility right at one o the two closest hospitals we transport to
  8. If your state allows it, start up a junior program to try and get high school aged kids involved with their parents.
  9. What is the best way to count patient respirations? I know to watch for chest rise and fall but some patients don't always have visible rise and fall.
  10. I am working for Lisbon Emergency
  11. I just landed my first job on an ambulance as a 17 year old EMT-B. I am starting in a few weeks and i was wondering if any of you had any advice that you could give me in regards to doing the best job possible.
  12. Its called an EMT Assessment put on by the registry
  13. im not saying its a bad idea, i was just wondering if any other services have different protocols concerning O2.
  14. You take the same test as the NREMT but the NREMT will not put you on the register until you are 18. But Maine will issue you a license as long as you pass.
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