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  1. I work as a CNA but I do like being an EMT better. It just gives me more oppotunity to think and help instead of walking on the hospital floor all night. So on that note, I would rather be a Paramedic than a nurse. Nurses still have to take orders from MDs. as far as PA goes, I think that is something I had looked into but I may still like being on the street over being at the dr's office. So Im not trying to choose depending on which one is easier. But before I got exposed to the ems profession, I always thought I wanted to be a nurse. But now, I like being an EMT rather than a CNA. Doe
  2. Thanks guys! Yea, I already have a bachelor degree but in order for me to apply to nursing school or PA school, i will have to take those science prerequisite classes again (need to be current within 5 years). Whereas paramedic, I can start without finishing prerequisites. But looks like most of the people are saying nursing school first, right? Im applying to an ambulance company for an EMT position for right now so either way, I can get some experience and volunteer at a fire station right now.I work as a CNA at a hospital right now but I much rather be working on an ambulance than being o
  3. Hi, Im a new EMT and definitely want to be a paramedic down the line in the next few years. I am also a CNA and i know that there are bridge options from paramedic to RN and the other way around too. Do you guys have any suggestions on which way may be better?? Also PA school can be the option too after being and EMT for a while. Looking for some thoughts, experience please! Thanks! M
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