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  1. I appreciate the concern for my monetary well-being, but I can assure you that I'm strictly interested in volunteering. I am going to be a full time student and I won't have any time for a job, and I'm not interested in being an ambulance driver. I've had wonderful EMS experiences volunteering in NY and I have to say that if I have to resort to being a taxi driver than I have to say I'm sure my time would be better spent doing something else. I am not looking to earn a salary or work at a boring 9-5 job, I'm only looking to volunteer in the field of EMS because it is a very interesting experie
  2. I suppose you are right. I will be a full time student, so I can't commit to a full-time job as I'll be in school every day. Will suburban areas around Chicago take volunteers? I guess I'll need to search city by city. But i'll have to get there via train because I won't have a car. Thanks for the help
  3. Good ideas, though I'm looking for something more along the lines of a traditional EMS experience. I'd like to responds to 911 calls within the city, so probably a university system or team for a sports agency wouldn't do that. I don't think that's too much to ask but it looks like unless I want to become a fireman, I can't respond to 911 calls. There's something wrong with that...
  4. I need help locating any volunteer opportunities for an EMT-B in the City of Chicago. I am desperately seeking any opportunity not to loose my EMT-B skills and to continue with the EMS experiences that I've been having since I became an EMT a few weeks ago. I scoured the internet for ANY opportunity to volunteer and I literally could not find a single thing. I am going to be a full time student so I don't have time to work a job with a paid agency, and the CFD doesn't ostensibly use any volunteers and the city doesn't have any of its own ambulance departments, it just has an EMS division wi
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