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  1. Everything previously stated was done on scene minus succ's. We only have Vec. Pt. was flown for neuro. Sub A bleed and introventricular obstructive bleed. Good job fellas
  2. I'm going to go with nasal airway & BVM,to manage the airway, not ready to paralyze him just yet. Done at your request Severe hypoxia due to depressed resp effort. Could Be How much Narcan did we use so far? Nobody has indicated a dose thus far Put the pads on and be ready to code him. Done at your request Ventilation's have poor compliance even with an adjunct. EtCo2 is now up to 72. Roc is in as well as propofol. tube was placed after an IV paralytic was administered w/ direct visualization of the vocal chords, a yellow-purple color change of ETCO2 detector, regular square ETCO2 in-line waveform that correlated to manual ventilations, bilateral lung sounds, and no air movement auscultated at the abdomen. Just prior to the IV paralytic and intubation the measured ECG rate was 48 sinus bradycardia w/ frequent PVC's.
  3. 100% doesnt do much, no resolve for VT. he is posturing, and you have RSI on board. Vec, etomidate, diprivan, and versed.
  4. Hx: Chronic Pain due to back injury X 2 years ago. No other history reported. Medications: Oxycontin (Unknown Dose , pills were not kept in Rx bottles) 325 ASA X 1/day No witness to medication, suspected Rx abuse. Pupils: Constricted, sluggish Initial Vitals: BP:208/132 HR: 120 RR: 8/Shallow SpO2: 78% EtCo2: 58 W/ appreciable waveform FSBS: 146 12-Lead: bigemnial PVC w/ palpable rate of 50 w/ occasional salvos of unifocal ectopy (runs of VT). Rejects OPA Post Narcan: improvement in respiratory rate and increased depth and volume of respiration. The patient's neuro-motor tone changed from flaccid and aphasic to decerebrate posturing, deep slow sonorous respirations, and a fixed left-downward conjugate gaze. ISLAND EMT Pulse rate and strength? Palpable 50, Monitor shows 120 peripheral pulses? Nada Resp rate & volume? 8/Shallow ETCO & waveform? 58 w/ appreciable waveform Pupils? Constricted and sluggish What kind of pain is he taking the oxy for? Chronic back pain X 2 years dosage? Unknown (med's not in Rx bottle) If resp volume & rate is insufficient then lets support as needed withO2 and possibly BVM: Done as said above, 12 lead which shows? bigemnial PVC w/ palpable rate of 50 w/ occasional salvos of unifocal ectopy (runs of VT). IV , larger bore as we may be going down the arrest pathway. BG=146 Pull the narcan out of the box if we determine it's not cardiac related per the 12 lead. obvious improvement in respiratory rate and increased depth and volume of respiration. The patient's neuro-motor tone changed from flaccid and aphasic to decerebrate posturing, deep slow sonorous respirations, and a fixed left-downward conjugate gaze
  5. You are dispatched to a residence for an adult male that was witnessed to collapse spontaneously from standing position w/o prior complaint, injury, or obvious mechanism. You AOS and found Pt. lying supine w/o obvious sign of injury or trauma; breathing very shallow at a rate of 8/min, marked pallor, diaphoresis, and cold to touch. Bystander/family stated that he had been ingesting oral Oxycontin for pain and it was their perception that he had been taking more than what was prescribed or appropriate. 54 y/o. Treat on gentlemen. I will answer questions as they are asked
  6. ABC's &General Impression. PMHX & PSHX, Allergies. When Did it start? Description of Pain? Radiate? Any motion/action relieve pain? Did the 81mg ASA offer any relief? Has this happened before? When was 3Xbypass? Any complications w/ bypass? Pacemaker? Cardiologist? (just to help facility obtain records for Pt. care) Recent illness/Hospitalization's? Coughing alot? Hx of reflux? Baseline vitals before moving Pt. If he can stand, grab a repeat BP/HR. Get in the rig. High flow O2 w/ EtCo2. 3 IV attempts w/out success? Drop head and establish an EJ if possible, If no success, IO. This Pt. presents w/ a rate of 160, but a appropriate Systolic BP of 122. If systolic is still>100mmhg; 150mg Amiodarone over 10min. If Pt. has acute onset compromised BP, Give versed 0.1mg/kg via IOP or INP w/ atomizer. Synch Cardiovert @ 100J w/ fast patches. V-tach resolve? Yes: 150mg Amio infusion NO: Cardiovert @ 150J Other treatment would include: FSBS EtCo2 12-Lead (No nitro was given for CP due to not knowing 12-Lead results, Need to Rule out right sided MI prior to nitro admin.) If pacemaker is indicated, verify pacer spikes, if over pacing, Place magnet over pacemaker to turn it off, consult OLMC for further. Sorry to ramble, alot of variables in initial scenario. Curious to know what outcome was
  7. I have the brady series Paramedic School Textbooks, Paid 500 for all, will take $250.00 plus shipping. Like brand new. erice2592@gmail.com
  8. Just wanted to get ideas from all over on what you guys do in class besides recite the textbook and do labs? Any EMS advances discussion? New treatment? New innovations in the EMS community? Case studies? I have a very cut and dry program. We go to class, read our book, and leave. Any insight would be helpful.
  9. I am not implying i am dis-regarding ems. But when you achieve you RN (and can do so in 10 months through a bridge program), it opens up more opprutunities for an individual. EMS has came so far from what it was, and I'm sure many of you witnessed that first hand. But, Every individual has to choose what is best for them. When you have never had any parental/family support, making 9.63/hour while going to school full time and learning you have a child on the way is a tad bit of a rough road, and one would be expected to pursue higher education to benefit their family. I have and always will love EMS and have respect for all aspects of the profession. My initial question was not drivin towards leaving EMS, rather; gaining further knowledge and certification to be a more competent, well rounded health care provider. Spelling is probably horrible. Coming back from a call trying to do the multi-task gig
  10. Great, I appreciate it. Best of luck on your boards
  11. I havent been on here in a while, and just wanted to check in with everybody and see how everbody was doing. Also, I am researching doing a bridge program after i am in the field as a medic for a year or so. But, i have a little one on the way. Is there anybody out there that has done the medic to rn bridge on an online format? I am going to try my hardest to do in class, but family of course comes first. So for a plan B, I just wanted to gather some information on any online programs that are out there. I hope everyone is doing well. -Best regards-
  12. I've seen many with all different kinds of outcomes, just throwing this out there, my brother was on his bike doing 35, he struck the side of an izuzu rodeo, and died 3 days later in trauma icu. so they are lethal at a very low rate of speed. All i can say is if you do purchase a bike, purchase your PPE first. best of luck and safe travels
  13. This is mainly for kiwi, but i know there are a ton of knowledgeable medics on the forum, just looking for on-th-go methods for calculating dopamine administartion. the clock method just makes smoke come out of my ears. Thanks Guys. on-the-go *Spell Check*
  14. In this particular situation, i feel with the overwhelming situation he did what ever other father would of done. I feel the difference in opinion is going to be ethic based given your ethical/ geographical background. Myself, i would have laid just as many mike tyson's on the guy as he did. Curious to see what other responses are though
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