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  1. Back from the dead! Or at least the offline.

  2. Ben and Bern, Naomi's recovering extremely well! Should be able to come home with her soon

  3. To my bros Ben and Bern I won't be on for some time while I take care of my daughter who's extremely ill. Fingers crossed she'll recover soon!

    1. rat115


      Hope she's doing better quickly.

    2. Bernhard


      Get well soon, little girl!

  4. Stjarna


    The staff with two snakes belonged to Hermes if I'm not mistaken. Both funeral traditions sound lovely. Thankfully I've never needed to be a part of or witness one. Very enlightening and comforting to know such is done.
  5. Stjarna


    Ah, definitely! The Q word is a certain type of curse one should never use even outside of EMS. It tends to have an effect on pretty much any aspect of life. For EMS I like the Greek god Asclepius. He's associated with the healing aspect of medicine and his staff is on the star of life. Seems good enough to me.
  6. Stjarna


    Good! Imo the people who don't check and organize it right deserve a swift kick in the buttox along with being tied in cravats while wearing a dunce cap. Rice krispy dark chocolate chip you say? How'd you feel about switching partners hm?
  7. Open the first patient's airway and check for breathing. Yes? Let him be seen. No? Move to the next patient. Allow the ambulance to see whichever was more critical- the unconscious one with the now open airway if that's the case, and if not then the second patient.
  8. Interesting call THAT must've been! But honestly, what the hell?
  9. Stjarna


    A recent writing assignment given by one of my professors focuses on traditions one brings to the workplace and traditions one brings home from the workplace. I was wondering if any of you have such and if so, what they are. I bake spice cookies a few days before Samhain (Halloween ) and pumpkin cinnamon buns after which I bring to feed my partners.
  10. Stjarna

    I'm back!

    A joke, yes but not an inside one. Take it and enjoy it for how it is. Or chose to make it a reality and have some fun lol
  11. You make a good point, but we're dealing with people's health and lives here, not their car or a roof. Yes the money is an important aspect, but all patients are living beings that are someone's family and friends. I would like my family, friends, and myself to recieve care and respect from the Techs even as they leave. Whenever my patients are transferred over and in the bed I still take the few seconds to hold their hand for a moment and wish them well rather than rush out and wave "I'm outta' here!". Just a bit of a human and consoling gesture that will make them feel better. I believe kindness and compassion come first in any service, job, or company no matter what it may be, but that's just my belief. Introducing money into it and leaving just rubs off as a rude thing imo. Especially if it's one of those patients who does their best to find something to complain about and critique.
  12. Stjarna

    I'm back!

    Nice to meet you Des! Study hard and remember cravats work just as well as ropes. Using them and a traction splint will guarantee you get through the class issue-free
  13. A summary should be alright if they request one. Same goes for if they request the bill. However, regardless of whether it be a code or a splinter, it's still disrespectful to give the bill to them automatically unless they request such as it could be taken in the sense you work for the money rather than the people.
  14. If they are seriously ill or injured they shouldn't have a bill given to them and shoved in their face. That's a pretty rude thing to do and would make the patient think you care more about the money than their health and well-being. I agree with Arctickat on billing being a better method.
  15. Stjarna


    Lol! Great joke! Brave kid, childbirth isn't my thing period, yelch!
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