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  1. Terr, Your sig pics are getting disturbing....... Do you need a hug?? P
  2. Excuse me for mot being PC in my statement, The young man used very poor judgment. Bull, it was a stupid move! Granted, I was not there, but from the reports I have read on this he did not go in 5 or 10 feet to access the situation. He went in alone, and without a charged line or RIT team, to do a search for an occupant that was already accounted for. Take this to another level, had he blown a red light on the way to the scene and killed someone in another vehicle, that would also be stupid. Just because he took his own life, just because he was young, just because he left a grieving family doesn't make it any smarter. Needlessly becoming a victim is stupid. PC
  3. He very well may have been a great kid, but ya can't fix stupid..... PC
  4. I'd give her the "Nobel Piece Prize" PC PS: How ya doin Terr??
  5. At least they were belted in... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXuKeBHY82g&e Paul
  6. Is anyone going to the Indiana Emergency Response Conference in Indy, later this month? PC
  7. That is funny!!! I gotta save this one... PC
  8. It's not something I would do.. Why do you want an extra 2 gal? I just fill up before I get down below 1/4 tank..
  9. Damn straight I'll warn people, and I appreciate it when they warn me. I'll venture a guess that in all my years I have yet to even drive past a kidnapper, much less warn them of a cop ahead. If I want to contribute to revenue enhancment, I'll make a donation to the Policeman's Ball. PC
  10. PCB


    When I googled EMT, the city was #9.....
  11. If this is true, then it has to be Dust..... Paul
  12. This contains questionable language, but seems to fit the theme for the day. Paul
  13. 3am (live version) Matchbox 20
  14. You work South Central LA and you wish you could go in before LE gets there?? Are you nuts?? I grew up in LA, and know the turf. You must have a bigger set of 'nads than I do to even work that area. Take care!! Paul
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