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  1. Greetings! I've been lurking for a couple years now, hopefully not completely forgotten. Long and short, there's a possibility I may be moving far from home, and am hoping to scout out a few employment opportunities prior to sitting across a desk in an interview. Is there anyone lurking about who has potentially intimate knowledge of the private EMS companies operating out of the Worcester, MA area? PM's are appreciated, no need to toss dirt on everyone in public. Thanks in advance! Techmedic05
  2. Hey, guys. I've been lurking around the forums for a year or two, since being actively involved... I'll be down in Baltimore for the conference. Hope to run into some of you guys. Tech
  3. I agree we shouldn't talk about it, but...well, I can't talk about that here. "...I think a Hippapotomous just walked by..." 8) 8)
  4. Cosgrojo - I'm not trying to be entirely pessimistic here, but if it's the company I -think- it is, then, my suggestion would just be that it either a - Doesn't trust it's BLS emplpoyees, or b - doesn't want to lose a BLS truck for the short time it takes to do a local transfer, etc. Just my thoughts.
  5. Try lookin' at the "Bash BLS thread...
  6. Pretty much right on the ball...Simplified, but on the ball for Prehospital scenarios. Except for the COPD part. They can get mostly everything they need, they just can't get rid of what they don't.
  7. The official name is "Medic [number]" So, for radio callsign, paperwork, documentation, it's Medic 31, or whichever truck you're on. The BLS crews are all numbered, starting off with a letter designation standing for their station. ex: "Kilo-74". On the radio, numbers are typically all that's used. unfortunately, people aren't bright enough to figure out to not have a "November 31" on the same day you have a "Medic 31" on. Other than that, 'Get in the truck.'
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