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  1. The wankers will love the high viz baby crap green, which is seen well in the glow of many wanker dashlights on a scene.....If I accidently run over someone wearing this shirt on a scene, just know I couldn't help my actions...a knee jerk reaction...623
  2. Worked my youngest child last October....1 month old when he aspirated after vomiting. Wife found him already apneic, cyanotic and screamed for me. Suctioned him out and did rescue breathing until he started breathing again which seamed like an eternity. Fire arrived and by that time he was breathing again. We did blow by until the medic unit arrived. They were freaked out a bit because it was the crew that had relieved me that morning and they new were I lived. Transported him and I didn't leave his side....and did great until I walked outside the ER to make a phone call and it hit me what
  3. When not running calls on a 24, usually grab a nap or catch up on some Fox News...623
  4. One more reason I'll stick with non fire based EMS.....623
  5. To answer the original post....2 in the field both girls. On the most memorable, my partner at the time(dontfearthe reaper) and I arrived at a house to find a local crackhead lying in the bathroom with the kids head already out. We finished the delivery and transported. Come to find out this was the first baby of the year and since it was 01/01/2000 of the melinuim in our county. The hospital we were employed at had all sorts of gifts and a big horah for the first baby of the century so when we arrived we were met by the house supervisor who instructed us to keep this hush, hush since this was
  6. Sounds a bit like a clown car complete with real firemonkey's......623
  7. Once you go power pro stryker you don't go back.....All you guys in the above threads that are haters continue wearing your back out....I'm with spenac, I'll continue to use my power pro and let the hydraulics do the lifting...623
  8. I think my first call was a 747 that crashed into a bus full of hemophiliacs......After which we circled the wagons and fixed all the caved in faces.... :twisted: Sorry for the sarcasm....it's 0530am and I just read a few to many first call stories....623
  9. 10-this....10-that.....I thought everyone except the FDNY and other large metro areas dropped the 10 code langauge. I understood the whole idea of everyone using plain language I could theoreticly come to your area for a large incident and understand common english instead of 150 10-codes being used. I'm with the guy above...You go violating FCC rules and pitch a few 4-letters around, If the dispatchers don't hear you I garantee if I'm in a medic unit on the air, you'll have my attention.....623
  10. Good film have viewed this a few times.....Good film to show the new EMT's and Medic's because a good portion know not whence they came.....623
  11. Partners who leave their cellphones on the obnoxious setting and have their Squad 51 tones drop while I'm dealing with a patient or their silly Fed Q2 ringtone........Some people need killin...623
  12. Or at least all the one's I've ever worked at....As long as the saying "patch and pulse we'll hire"continues, things won't change....623
  13. I'm training my 4 y/o to do BLS so if there's ever a problem in the neighborhood he can pedal his bigwheel over and preform care, maybe even be a first responder for the high schooler's. I did have to custom make him the cool white 1970's EMS getup with various large star of life patches so he wouldn't be different....623
  14. Do like we did and I'll be doing.....Homeschool!! Teach your kids how to properly handle a gun and knife and to have a healthy respect for them. The only school lockdown we'll be doing is when the UPS guy walks to the wrong door...623
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