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  1. Will do. I wouldn't be surprised, because I ran with Taylor for several years and got to know most of the crews. I'm pretty sure I'm not your instructor, since I haven't taught a basic class for 2 years. Anyways, I'll message you.
  2. EMT-I would be the same, I suppose. If I'm not mistaken, students now go from basic straight into Medic now. We had Specialists in my company, but the ranking is the same as intermediates.
  3. Specialist, just abbreviating it. I teach MFR class and occasionally sub for Basic classes at the local community college. Just something to stay busy, you know. Looks like you guys have a great site going here, I wish my generation had this technology.
  4. Hey folks, just an old emt-specialist from back in the day, just doing some teaching now. Retired in 92. Looking forword to having discussions with the new generation of emts.
  5. Ah, the good ol' Taylor Ambulance. I ran with TA from '74-'92 and it was an expirience. I wish I could say I wasn't one of the people that mistreated patients, but I can't. Unfortunately, a lot of us got burned out around the same time, maybe back around 88 and the patients pretty much bore the brunt of it. At that time we did a lot of running in Highland Park and detriot, but a good portion of my time was on the Belleville truck. All that said, we weren't the most professional of EMT's, although I'm guessing most private ems providers weren't at that time, with it being a new industry and tha
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