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  1. NREMT-P????? Could it be? The day is near where I finally test for my emt-paramedic. Nervous? Yes. Excited? Yes. Blogger? No. I have no idea why I am writing this, and no idea who will ever read it. But whatever, why not. It's past midnight, I am losing my mind, and instead of studying I am reading EMS forums and looking up videos on rebuilding transmissions. Priorities may be more mixed up than salt in saline.... I guess I am all studied out. I have asked everyone I know who has passed the NREMT-P what to expect, and I get differant answers from everybody. "It's so easy bro..." "It's s
  2. So here I am. Just joined tonight, taking my NREMT-P practicals this Sunday. In my search of all things EMS I came across this site, which seemed pretty useful in answering at least some of the millions of questions I have (lol). I am currently an EMT-B and National Guard Army Medic. Ok, I guess that's it, wish me luck people...
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