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  1. Apparently I have been a member since 2011 and it was Dwayne's fault for dragging me here!! I got lucky with the log in info but tonight has been fun and I even replied to a few threads lol Just remember that take offs are optional but landings are mandatory Also its Snoopy side up and sticky side down for bandaid applications!!!
  2. "Take offs are optional...Landings are mandatory"
  3. I know this thread is old but I do love RSI since it is basically our bread and butter in the Aeromedical world so let me throw my two cents in on this one and see what you think!!! First off, I have never seen or heard of anyone using Versed (Midazolam) as an induction agent. It is simply a bad choice. Number one it is a Benzo and it has predictable effects but it's not reliable. While it does provide the amnesic effect it does not effective kill the urge to vomit which is exactly what we are looking for when we use the term RSI. Remember that the "I" in RSI stands for Induction, not int
  4. Welcome to the City! I have never personally agreed that accelerated classes for this type of certification have ever been a good idea. With this type of class all you really get is the "cookbook" style of medicine which is very simple, when your patient presents this way you do this. It does not give you a root in focused A&P or pathophysiology so therefor there is no way you could be expected to critically think your way out of an emergency that is not listed in your protocols. I look at those types of classes as scams for the most part and in today's world where we are tryin
  5. Geesh...the poor guy left already..we can't have nuffin nice round here Maybe you guys should stop talking when someone new comes over..set the next few plays out!!!
  6. That is what I am guessing too Bieber. Same way over here. We use baby blankets and just as important is the head cover for the baby. Set the temp high in the back of your rig and prepare to sweat!! Infants cannot regulate their bodies temps yet so it's up to us to keep them warm. Warm IV bags I am sure could work but I think that wrapping up the baby, covering its head, turning on the heat and let Mommy hold the baby to her chest is the best course of action. If Mom has planned on breastfeeding I say let her! Skin to skin contact is great for body heat transfer and it will also help wit
  7. A few things come to my mind on this issue. I will be brief and give everyone else a chance to ellaborate. 1. Long hours at work. Before I left the streets back in 08 there had been ongoing talk for some time about the possibility of insurance companies either raising their rates or refusing to insure EMS services that stil rotated on 24 hour shifts. Long hours and no sleep can and has been proven to be deadly to the workers and the public. 2. How many other professions do you know of besides EMS and the fire service where an 18-21 year old (depending on insurance policies) jump into an
  8. Dwayne the world may never know!! That pic was actually during a training day with my SAR team. I was making them trust each other and the systems so I was asking them to descend and then let go and invert after they were belayed off. Awesome day!!!
  9. Kiwimedic No way a brand new AAS RN or a BSN will be able to step onto an ambulance and function. By virtue of education only as you say...seriously? Come on now...lay off the sauce
  10. Brother, believe it or not a lot of us have Dx and UnDx PTSD. You are talking to one right now. The support system you have along with the new exercise program will help but you know as well as I do that stress IS A KILLER! Don't use the statement, "I think I may also seek professional help." Just go...bite the bullet like I did a few years ago and go...SOON! You will feel better and please don't ever hesitate to come post here again with anything else. This took massive courage to admit and we are probably all reading this saying to ourselves, "I have been there or I am there now." Stay
  11. Ok from experience with FL and the EMS system there let me give you a little advice. FL is mostly Fire based EMS and if you are applying to a FD they won't even look at your app if you do not have the FL FF Standard Certs. Best avenue for you is possibly consider moving to another part or face a long commute. There are very few county EMS services left. However there is hope for you my friend. Lee Co EMS in Ft Myers Beach is a county EMS, no fire. EVAC in Daytona Beach is EMS and no fire. Rural/Metro in Orlando and West Palm Beach is EMS and no fire. Orange Co FD in Orlando will
  12. Dwayne I am proud to say that I know you personally and that we have worked close together on a project. The others on this forum do not realize what a blessing you are to the world. You and your wife are stronger people than I could ever hope to be. God speed your journeys and I look forward to many more years of our friendship!
  13. I know there are some of you here who beleive in different things and I respect that. This isn't meant to start a religious backlash it is simply a joke so have a coke and a smile!!! There was a great flood coming in the mountains. The snow was heavy during the winter and when the spring showers came the flood was on so to speak. It was broadcast all over the radio and TV for residents of a small community near the swollen river to evacuate now! There was one little stubborn lady who insisted that her Lord would save her however. The first day as the streets were begining to flood a
  14. I have responded to two of these and was involved in a roll over myself. I never gets easier. Thoughts and prayers for all those involved.
  15. I have always been a proponent of, "If its bad enough to extricate its bad enough to need an XP-1." Which of course isn't always true but it seems that a bunch of advanced providers forget to utilize a great tool. I have talked to several medics who didn't know that it controlled C-Spine once secured into place. Of course I do believe this is lack of education on their respective programs part. Everyone pushes the LSB for complete spinal immobilization when sometimes an XP-1 or KED is a better choice.
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