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  1. Hey All, I just joined a pretty special non-profit org, called Emergency Safety Academy (ESA). We visit schools, camps and scout troops and teach CPR / First aid and fire safety. It has grown very fast in my area, and our demand for this coming spring has overwhelmed us. We have the volunteers we need to visit all our events, but we need more stuff. By stuff I mean, gear. From turnout gear, to backboards, collars, stairchairs, ect. We are looking for new and used, so if you or your department might have a stash of old unused equipment in the attic, or a pile getting ready to go to
  2. So I've been writing an ebook about balancing family life and being in Volunteer EMS. I am not a professional author by any means, so I'm looking for some constructive criticism. Here's the intro. Please let me know what you think. The book is intended to help people balance their life as a volunteer EMT and their family life. Here we go….. All of a sudden you feel the vibration, and hear the loud ear piercing sound. The sound you’ve grown to love like a drug. OK – maybe not all the time. But most of the time, for sure. You patiently wait through the static. You wait
  3. Here's to the end of a long week.

  4. first day of school, rain and dumb people are the reason I'm sittin in miserable traffic right now

  5. I think school should start before rush hour. Wtf with this traffic.

  6. Congratulations to all of you parents. You've survived the summer. The kids are now sentenced to 10 more months of School.

  7. And T minus 1 hour till the 3 day weekend.

  8. Been working from home for the last few days. I guess there is a bright side to hurricanes. No morning traffic.

  9. At work. Partial power, no internet, turds in an unflushable clogged toilet, and oh yeah- no AC. Should be fun.

  10. As a child, I was always interested in the fire department. Like any little boy, I aspired to be a firefighter for a good portion of my childhood. Who wouldn’t want to be. You get to drive in a shiny red truck, lights and sirens. Jump into a burning building and save lives. Sounds a lot better than being a teacher,or a cab driver. When I was 14, I was finally old enough to join the Jr. Fire Department with some of my friends. I’ll never forget how excited I was. The juniors in this department even got the old leftover Motorola “brick” pagers, so we could listen up as the tones went out.
  11. That is not my intention at all. Here is the youtube link instead. I will make sure to use them from now on. Our blog is striclty to help volunteers by donating to benevolent committees. Just a way to get 10% commission back when we buy gear and that money generated goes back to our local departments. Instead of buying directly through Galls, we buy through the blog, and get the commission back. Won't happen again.
  12. Very True. I live by the rule family first, then paid job, the volunteer. Got to have your priorities straight. Yep. We are on Long Island, NY. Bracing for the storm. Should be interesting.
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