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  1. Love this conversation fellas... I'm kibbying in my chair reading your banter. 100% agree with Dwayne's ideological stance. Have long felt that we are too cavalier with the public's civil liberties. I personally don't understand the CYA treatment modality... feel that it is backwards thinking, promotes poor assessments and lack of critical thinking within the first responder universe. I'm sure you are sensing it... BUT... I completely agree with Fiz that there are a lot of situations that could come back and bite the provider in the buttocks... and worse turn out to hurt the patie
  2. Back when I was a younger fella' and worked a gajillion hours of OT... I used to drink them. I found myself getting reliant on them, and eventually they didn't work anymore, which was very concerning. Went cold turkey and detoxed from them. A week and a half of chronic headaches later and a lot of proper hydration later, I was back to normal. I have no clinical research or studies to validate this claim... but I have found for me personally, if I remain properly hydrated throughout the day, and keep my blood sugar in normal ranges... I can turn it on any time of day or night. Drink lo
  3. I remember my first emergency call like a nightmare. I felt like I was standing still lodged in mud with everything moving about me. My partner and EMS mentor appeared to me to be picking me up by my boot straps and sigle handedly managing a difficult patient. I honestly cannot remember a single thing that I did to help during the call. Afterwards, in discussion of the call... partner tells me I did fine, that's the way you feel after the first one... you'll get over it. He was right, I got over it... but I never wanted to feel that useless again. I began to really dial it up from tha
  4. I guess this debate makes me a little bit confused. Does the knowledge of the Golden Hour really cause pressure on providers to shirk their on-scene responsibilities? I know about the Golden Hour, but I don't think it ever even entered my mind during a call. On a trauma call I am focused on managing injuries, extricating and packaging, and doing the job I am there to do. I've never refused to do a required intervention because of this Golden Hour Principle that I learned about in EMT school. Is there a major storm brewing in your' respective areas about the Golden Hour and how it is the b
  5. cosgrojo

    More bad PR

    As LoneStar said, camera's in the back on the ambulance would not be a feasable solution. The privacy nightmares with that are almost endless. The solution is to build a culture within your' service of responsibility and accountability. Too often bad deeds go unreported... and therefore unpunished. If yiour partner won't let you get away with those types of shenanigan's, you are going to be less prone to do them. If you know that the partner you have is meek, and afraid of making waves... and you already have the unfortunate predilictions to do these types of deviant acts... then you are
  6. If there is an afterlife... if there is a higher power governing over us... I would like to believe that the experience would be different for every person. I would like to think that each after-life experience be unique to each individual. Everyone is unique in their own way, everyone believes in a different way. Why not have a post life production that is tailored to the individual? I have lived a life far different from anyone else on this board... as has everyone else. We all have taken different journey's and have metabolized that information differently from each other. I would lik
  7. EMS49393- So you've never known anyone that has test anxiety? You've never had it yourself? That's all this was. She was nervous about an experience that she had never had before that she heard nightmare stories from others who have taken it. Clearly you are the most knowledgeable and composed test-taker of all time, so you would never get any anxiety, nor would you ever get a question incorrect, because then you wouldn't have had complete comprehension of the subject... which is of course mandatory in your version of EMS. So you got 100% proficiency in every test you ever had? Neve
  8. Unless you guys got 100% of your questions correct on your NR test, you probably shouldn't be so vociferous with your condemnation about floridastudents' test question observations... Did you guys get any questions wrong? I'm betting you got at least one or two... you should have guessed better, so that it would at least appear that you have KNOWLEDGE. Floridastudent- You'll do fine, and if you have to guess on a few of them... it's OK, you don't need a 100 to pass, we all can't be perfect.
  9. Whoah... did Dwayne finally find a Basic that is worth working with?!? So the B on my sleeve doesn't make me useless? (Sorry Dwayne... couldn't resist.) Foz, what I think was stuck in the head of your Lady conversationalist was the old adage of "Think Global, act Local." Many people truly believe that if everyone focuses on fixing their own back yard, that nobody would ever need to help anyone else. While ideologically true, it is not a practical solution to such many and varied issues. Issues that you, me, nor anyone else will be able to effectively explain to the uninitiated. While
  10. I couldn't agree with this statement more. There is no room for cheats in my version of EMS... I have no sympathy for these suspended individuals... some of which I know personally. I don't like having to do refreshers, and I am taking full advantage of the "exam in Lieu of" option (for New Hampshire & NR), but I would never take a fraudulent class and lie to the State licensing people just because it was easier than actually going to a class. It is different... and it is a lot easier. You only have to complete 28 hours of con ed every two years for the EMT-B level, and ALL con-
  11. My understanding is the 45 day ones were CPR refreshers. 9 months were the EMT refreshers. The rest were the people in charge of the programs, "teaching" the programs, signing the rosters, and making the decisions.
  12. Clearly this Kate woman is not someone I want caring for anyone that I know or care for. She does not seem to understand the basic tenets of responsibility. It is clear that she wants no part in taking any responsibility for her transgressions. But let's not fool ourselves about refreshers here people. I know we are all pro education, and anyone that isn't shall be fed to the angry Gods of the City, but refreshers are mostly handled poorly, taught inadequately, and not to mention, being phased out by the Registry. If Refreshers are so important and vitals to becoming a better EMT, why
  13. Wow, haven't been around for a while... just occasional lurking whilst being incredibly busy with life... I have to admit that two years ago I would never have guessed that Dwayne would turn into the City's conscience. I'm impressed... I'd like to think that a couple of our knock-down drag outs had something to do with it. Following your threads over the years... it is a study in psychosocial evolution. I would like to state in response to someone's post earlier (no disrespect for not quoting it, just not good at it), I think that it is good to sometimes pick fights around here. As long
  14. If I feel that it is safe to stop and help... and I think that my help would benefit the situation... and I believe that there would be an extended response time for actual on-duty rescuers... and if I'm not angry from the 24 hour shift I just got out of... and if the scene truly looks confused or disorderly... then I might stop. Not to Parrot what others have said... but what usefulness am I without my Ambulance? I know when I am working and I go to a call and there is an "off-duty" EMT on scene telling me he/she is an EMT/RN/MD/CNA/RT/PT, I don't really care. I don't know you, and I d
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