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  1. Not suprised she lost the child Always on the cards given the symptoms of shock you described.
  2. As a UK medic who is USA bound I read with interest the progress made in the North East, a 14% pay rise is stunning. I'll certainly be signing up upon my arrival.
  3. Sorry for being slow off the mark, I've just read the above & would like you to quantify your comments.
  4. Somedic, you are most welcome. I'm now state licensed in the US & will be coming over soon
  5. Guys, please tread carefully here. Nowhere in the UK can you make 40K sterling for 3x12 hour shifts a week, £32k in rural areas, near £35k in London. Cost of living will cripple you here, a TINY house or apartment in London is £300K plus, everything is expensive, we are known as treasure Island by international companies! We are not 'desperately short' of medics, on the contrary, there are large numbers of EMT's waiting in the wings for a chance to qualify. Increasingly, meaningful numbers of Ambulance staff are emigrating, Australia/New Zealand/Canada & USA are all popular destinati
  6. I concur with the previouly suggested assessment & management, with expeditious transport. Focussing on the apnoea & specific causes, Assuming the Airway is now patent we must search for the cause of the ventilatory failure, specifically considering the following, 1. CNS depression ( Narcotics/Alcohol/CVA/head inj etc) 2. Neuromuscular paralysis ( C-spine inj/ Organophosphates etc) 3. Breached integrity of Thorax ( Flail segment/ ruptured diaphragm/ Pneumothorax etc) 4. Ruptured Trachea/Bronchus etc You need to supply the findings of the primary survey to illicit fur
  7. Pro_ EMT, have you even heard of PHTLS, let alone read the manual & completed the course? What's your rationale for NOT extricating a NON time critical patient with midline pain/tenderness by using the KED?
  8. Nationally we have an extensive network of CBRN (Chemical, Biological,Radiological, Nuclear) teams. Every geographical area has these teams on 24/7 standby. EVERY frontline EMS worker has a personal Dosimeter ($800) with the relevant education. All this in a service that's almost bankrupt, draw your own conclusions, when, not If.
  9. Here in England, given your scenario, we would go ahead with 500 MCG of Epi I.M, with a further 500 MCG 5 minutes later. As someone else mentioned, steroids can be useful, however, the benefits may not be immediately apparent, particularly if transport times are < 30 minutes. We give Hydrocortisone (Glucocorticoid) 200MG I.V for any prolonged transport time.
  10. Adrenaline 1:1000 Adrenaline 1:10000 Amiodarone Aspirin Atropine Benzylpenicillin Chlorphenamine Diazepam Entenox Frusemide Glucagon Glucose 10% GTN Heparin Hydrocortisone Hypostop Lignocaine Metoclopramide Morphine Nalbuphine Naloxone Paracetamol Salbutamol NACL Hartmanns (Ringers?) Syntometrine Tenectaplase (Thrombolytic)
  11. Is that not you're area of special interest Zippy? Polishing Firefighter's Helmets & poles? :twisted:
  12. Those hourly rates are very poor guys, can you have a decent standard of living as a medic? My hourly rate is approx $30, & I'm always broke :oops:
  13. That was truly entertaining I'm emigrating to the US & was beginning to wonder whether my sick & twisted outlook on life would cause me problems, I'm not worried any longer :wink:
  14. It's true, Dust, I had to marry an Irish girl
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