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  1. I forgot i posted this! i ended up getting her an embroidered EMS sweatshirt! thanks to all for the advice (kinda!)
  2. I once used one for a coumadin pt who scraped her leg in the shower.......250 cc's of blood later...
  3. I wear Bates side zip boots from Zappos http://www.zappos.com/bates-footwear-8-tactical-sport-side-zip-black which matches my black stethoscope tape holder from www.statgeartools.com and a black cap from http://www.thefirestore.com/store/category.cfm/cid_13448_station_uniform_hats/ Beat that!!
  4. I believe NY s fairly open to EMT-P reciprocity from most other states. There is a little bit of paperwork and some time but i know people who have done it.
  5. I have to get a gift for my girlfriend who is almost graduating from paramedic school. i have a tight budget so i am only looking at things around $10. So far I've narrowed it down to the 02 wrench at wantynu.com or the stethoscope medical tape holder at statgeartools.com I am leaning towards the pink tape holder bec i've never seen that kinda thing before but it's not available for another few weeks and she is graduating in just over one week. Any other ideas??
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