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  1. Have I started any "arguments"? Do you see me arguing with anyone? Regardless, you don't seem to be following the link's advice if you really think I am a troll. If my goal was to enrage you, I never imagined asking first aid questions would be it! Wouldn't that make me the "worst troll ever"? Seriously, please, I'd like to get on with the topic and see what others has to say? I believe so too. There should be like a "paramedic perspective in every textbook". Someone with experience actually talking, instead of only a linear text.
  2. @ tniuqs - I do always try to google before I ask. Google does answer the large volume of my questions. I guess I sometimes miss stuff, and this topic was to see your PoV in this forum with respect to the topic at hand. As far as your views about me, I'm quite offended that you'd see someone seeking information as a "troll" in an experts forum. I'm not sure what's the purpose of a troll, to waste everybody's time? I'm certainly not feeling as though I'm wasting my time, but I guess if you feel as though I'm wasting yours you don't have to reply. I didn't mean to incur your wrath. In my f
  3. @ 2c4 - Terrific reply. I loved the initial description, very funny! And thanks for letting me into your perspective and telling this story. You seem to know what you're doing! @ paramedicmike - Though I have extreme curiosity about the field, I have a great job and life and I'm not looking for a change. I just like to feed my brain in stuff that it finds interesting and very important. Thank you though.
  4. @ FireMedicChick - You mean they won't let paramedics do transfusions anymore? Interesting.. well, I imagine that it's hard to figure out the blood type and give the correct one while on emergency.... and if you get the wrong type the patient could die. Have they decided it's best not to take risks? @ chbare - I don't have a role in healthcare, I'm just a "good Samaritan" if you will, I really appreciate what paramedics do and I think rudimentary knowledge of health (esp. first aid) biology (esp human physiology) is valuable in this life regardless of having a role in healthcare in
  5. (Am not a paramedic) Resources I read say t's the "last resort" the control bleeding, after you tried all the usual wound dressing/bandages and even tying it with a good deal of pressure. But, did you ever have a case where you had to use the tourniquet? When the bandages clearly weren't doing their job? And how obvious is it that you have to use it?
  6. When a person loses blood I understand it takes about 24-48 hours to have his blood level return to normal. Does Hartmann's Solution or any other IV solution (such as saline) helps restore blood faster by its chemical properties? Because I saw that's one of the treatments for blood loss. But when a person loses a lot of blood, I imagine he needs more BLOOD, not more fluids. If you say he needs "liquid", then couldn't he just drink water?
  7. Thanks for the great feedbacks, I'm not afraid to wash my wounds or anyone else's in water anymore
  8. When they say to wash a cut with water to clean it well, I get worried because I know that in tap water there's a lot of bacteria and other microscopic junk (that's why I never drink tap water). Is it really a good idea to wash a wound with water instead of just using an antiseptic all over it?
  9. Sorry, I meant advatnages of intubation, and yes -- I meant acronym not slang. You're alright Thanks! In all all very informative. -GS
  10. Thanks or the feedback, chbare, tniuqs! I didn't expect so much excellent details, but am happy to have that. I am already getting the feeling this is an incredible forum to learn a lot from emergency medical professionals. What a gem! You've used plenty of slang and a lot of scientific explanation that I sat through reading trying to decipher. I used this: http://www.suslik.org/Humour/FirstAid/acronyms.html But I couldn't understand what WOB means so I was beginning to lose parts of the string. But I'm glad to know my logic proved true, and that is certainly an interesting fact ab
  11. Hi everyone, I'm not a medical student, I just read about intubation and saw this picture on wiki I got curious. The intubation is partially meant to clear the airway from all sorts of fluids/goo/junk, but in the process it blocks some of the air itself due to the width of the pipe walls, right?
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